Hello World!

Hi everyone, I’m Chris Park, a Computer Engineering student studying at the University of Toronto! I’ll be working on Valhalla, the multi-modal routing software based on OpenStreetMap, on my project for the Google Summer of Code.

I’m an active explorer, and I love searching for new experiences. I enjoy playing the viola, trekking, and traveling in my free time.

I first ran across OSM on a pathfinding GIS project to map cities around the world, leading me to dig deeper into how the mapping tool was built and eventually apply to contribute through GSoC.

Project Goals

The aim of the project is to re-enable transit pathfinding support to Valhalla. The routing app no longer supports transit pathfinding because of updates to a dependent API, although it originally had the functionality. Therefore, the goal is to import raw GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) and format it so it functions with the existing code, so that transit support can be re-introduced without third-party dependencies.

Since Valhalla previously had transit functionality some of the code can be re-formatted to match the new data form rather than writing fresh code. This will allow for transit data to connect easier to the rest of Valhalla and help complete the project in a timely manner.

To achieve this, there are four broad milestones to meet:

  1. Importing GTFS data and ensuring it is readable in Valhalla

  2. Converting the data into tiles to match the format of roads and features.

  3. Connecting the tiles into the road tiles such that transit tiles are integrated with the rest of Valhalla

  4. Testing the connected network with Valhalla’s gurka tests to ensure functionality

By the GSoC midterm evaluation period at the end of July, I hope to have completed creating the transit tiles so that the latter two months can be used to connecting and debugging the data.

I’ll be updating the OSM diary throughout the GSoC program, and keep track of the progress!

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