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IndoorOSM and Wheelchair-Navigation over 3 years ago

I have been working on doing some indoor mapping at the University of Southampton. The current way I display the data is using the leaflet-indoor plugin (which I wrote for this purpose).

If your intent is to make this free software, I would be very interested in the code.

Panoramic views aka "Street View" on OSM? about 4 years ago

I am pretty sure adding nodes/tags to OSM is the wrong approach, as the node (probably) does not represent anything in the real world.

OpenStreetView looks to have been active as soon as 8 months ago [1], what is the problem with the activity (or lack thereof)?


Debian about 4 years ago

Would it be an option here to write an external tool to upgrade the config file? This could be in some portable language (python?), to make it easy to write and run.

This would then allow for changing mod_tile to use something like yaml-cpp, with a yaml config file.

Debian about 4 years ago

Replacing iniparser in mod_tile is something I would like to help with/do, I had a talk with someone actually involved with development a while back who said this would not be too hard.

Some unanswered questions remain though, would switching config file format be an option (e.g. to something like YAML), and what library to replace iniparser with (I found a few I think when I looked previously, but I don't do too much c/c++ development so I had trouble telling between them).

Progress in Southampton about 5 years ago

I have seen that before, but could not get it working in JOSM, however, upon trying again, it now works :) Thank you for putting it together, I should be able to get quite a lot of postcode coverage using it.

HELP needed in fixing the map / [RESOLVED] about 5 years ago

Ok, for future reference, If you do see changeset(s) that in part or in full need reverting, do not attempt to manually repair the damage, as this complicates using most of the automated tools.

HELP needed in fixing the map / [RESOLVED] about 5 years ago

I had a try at using the JOSM reverter plugin to fix things, however its very hard to tell if its working, as the above changeset is one of many that makes "unintended" changes to the map... If you are really stuck, and have discussed this with Danzelot, I can go ahead and try to revert/fix the problem changesets.

The alternative is to manually fix the incorrect data?

My 10 most useful OSM links over 5 years ago

I have not tested it, but OSRM does have a profile for bicycles, this would allow you to setup and configure an instance of OSRM for routing bicycles.

Touch/Tablet OSM Editor (TosmE) over 5 years ago

Love it, this is something I have been very interested in. The point at which I think it gets really interesting, is if you have a multitouch table, I can imagine drawing out buildings with multiple fingers from one hand, while moving the map with the other... The scope for multiple people editing the same area of the map could also be quite interesting with touch table devices.