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Launching an open mapping hub in Asia - what's the starting focus for HOT? about 2 months ago

Mapping hub in Asia, sounds exciting. Well written and Congratulations to Dr. Nama. The right person to lead Asian community.

way/445712235/extended_history 6 months ago

You inspire many! Thanks Maning

Visualizing relations on OSMCha about 1 year ago

This was long standing feature that community wanted. Thanks for your efforts :)

Enriching the map of Peru with health centers data about 1 year ago

Nice work @karito and team!

Going Back to School over 1 year ago

AweOSM! nice work everyone. Thanks for sharing!

My Mapillary Trips over 1 year ago

These are awesome sequences, Thanks for sharing Maning!

Updates to Meet Your Mappers over 2 years ago

MYM is really great tool to know nearby active mappers. Thanks for sharing Martijn!

OpenStreetMap Evolution over 2 years ago

@Hidekichi Thanks for finding typos and missing dependencies. I will make correction now.
You can directly install protozero using apt install libprotozero-dev which will install latest version. To run rasterize command just use “single dot” at the starting ./

Let me know if you could able to do that!

Take a right on “Too Damn Far Rd” over 2 years ago

Awesome Jennifer! In my validation experience, the vandalism is very rare, if it happens the community will fix as soon as possible. The other chances of adding low quality label to map is newbies. I’d care more for “time” gap for detecting and fixing low quality labels or bad edits on map. It’d be good to automate these things. Thanks for sharing!

Map-[A]ddiction has Rewards over 2 years ago

@tshedy Thank you for being valuable contributor. Community is proud of your contributions!

Making lots of new data for the community: Mapillary almost 3 years ago

Amazing writeup! @DeBigC Thanks for sharing your Mapillary and mapping story. It inspires others!

Rendering non-default language in OSM-Carto standard map almost 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing on how to render Indic languages in a different approach on default carto style. Would like to try it for Kannada language.

When OpenStreetMap met Mapbox-GL : 🍚IDLY-GL almost 3 years ago

This is awesome Khushan! I love Idly-gl and Idlies! Amazing work :)

Peru’s response to redaction almost 3 years ago

This is bad and amazing at the same time. @karito awesome summary.

Wikimedia Maps for all Indic languages Wikimedia projects almost 3 years ago

Awesome contribution, Naveen! Really liked the details in Kannada map.

Latest Changes about 3 years ago

I discovered your tool recently. I have been using this tool to check recent edits around my neighbourhood. Nice tool for the community. Thank you for this.

Changeset viewer plugin for JOSM about 3 years ago

Awesome @Rub21

OSMCha News - February/2018 about 3 years ago

Awesome @wille! Thanks for the improvement!

200th bus stop about 3 years ago

Your contributions for the city and OSM are appreciated. Indeed, adding bus stops and in turn adding them to the relations are really challenging. One of the interesting project on bus routes for Bengaluru is here

Event Notes - Mini Mapping party at Kanchipuram about 3 years ago

Great to know that you have collected 75 mapping features. You can also capture important roads, shops, monuments or places using Mapillary. Anyone who has smartphones with a GPS can contribute to it. For more information on how it works, check here, and also you can check the coverage in Kanchipuram