New OpenStreetBugs client, translators needed

Posted by Candid Dauth on 17 November 2009 in English (English).

There is a new OpenStreetBugs JavaScript client that makes it possible to easily include OpenStreetBugs into an OpenLayers map. See the announcement on and the Wiki page on

There are 16 labels to be translated, currently an English and a German translation are available. If you have some time left over, help translating it on

Comment from Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason on 17 November 2009 at 18:54

Are you interested in making your map translatable via Translatewiki?We already moved Potlatch & the OSM website over there, it would be relatively easy to add something new.

Translatewiki works better with translations where the key is an abstract thing like "ui_fixed_error" instead of the original English string like "Fixed Error".

Comment from Candid Dauth on 4 December 2009 at 18:44

At the moment, Translatewiki seems to be too complicated, as translators have to register and request permission to translate. It doesn’t seem to be possible to create a new project. On the other hand the number of languages that my tools could be translated to would probably be much higher on Translatewiki because non-OpenStreetMap users could help with the translation as well.

At the moment, I prefer the OpenStreetMap wiki, as it is more newcomer-friendly.

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