Back from holidays

Posted by Candid Dauth on 2 October 2009 in English (English).

Just wanted to say that I’ve been back from my journey through Italy for one week now.

OSM Route Manager and OSM History Viewer are working again, they had problems due to a full server disk. Furthermore, the server was down for about two weeks in August.

The cdauth’s map layers are working again, many of them had been broken due to OpenLayers API changes.

During the next weeks, I will upload the GPS traces of my journey (and probably create lots of highway=road as well as camping sites and supermarkets) and continue the work on OSM History Viewer and the new OpenStreetBugs client.

Unfortunately, mapping is kind of hard for me at the moment, as both the displays of my camera and my GPS device don’t work anymore (the latter is actually “broken”…). Fortunately though, I’ve got to know some mappers in my area (as well as have gotten mappers some people I know), so maybe some of us will do one or another tiny mapping party some day.

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