cdauth’s map beta with CloudMade routing

Posted by Candid Dauth on 30 July 2010 in English (English).

The routing support of cdauth’s map, my OpenLayers map with additional features (routing beta preview on, has made some progress. I have switched the routing provider from YOURS to CloudMade, which is almost comparable to Google Maps in speed (the only problem seems to be that it cannot route over ferries yet).

I have fixed some bugs considering the drag and drop support. You can move the start and destination markers on the map as well as drag parts of the route to change its course (creating “via” points, remove them again by double-clicking them).

I have tested in the newest versions of Firefox, Opera and Konqueror. Some bugs are yet to be fixed:
* Removing “via” points by double-click does not work in Konqueror
* Very rarely, strange things happen after dragging “via” points: hundreds of JavaScript errors appear or the map itself is not draggable anymore.
* The different versions of Internet Explorer need to be tested (I suspect that it works in none of them properly.)
* Test in Opera 10.0.

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