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Smartphone mounts over 7 years ago

My experience was positive with smartphone attached as a dashcam in my car. However, I noticed that talking pictures/videos when walking failed due to shakes done by every single hit on floor by each feet. These vertical moves may blur images, mostly with insuffisent sunlight that causes longer pose speed for snapshots.

@flohoff : amazing mounting kit! Unfortunatly haven’t such open roof ;-)

My two cents…

Advanced rendering of tags about 9 years ago

Scaling problems are results on a “bad” mapping: I mean: This SVG files applies on pitch area itself, and NOT on the largest landuse around. So, if we want this render works fine, we have no choice to adjust every single polygon to the lines of each single pitch. Examples: If a large grass field is mostly used by a soccer pitch, ther should be a large polygon for the park (barrier=fence, landuse=park) and a “tight” one just close the white stripes of pitch (leisure=pitch, sport=soccer) For a tennis court witch have four(4) courts: one polygon for the area (barrier=fence) and four polygons with (leisure=pitch,sport=tennis,surface=clay)

I experiment this in Quebec city, Canada and it works fine this way.