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closed 2983469

one of the brand tags was changed from English to a Japanese here in for some reason

closed 322911 Bryce C Nesbitt

If you can visit this amenity=bicycle_repair_station, could you help to position this node? It is too small to show up on an air photo. Thanks!

closed 2983478

This doesn't look like a reservoir. Could it be a detention basin, or maybe a seasonal pond?

closed 2896280

I vaguely remember reading in an article a while ago (Berkeleyside maybe?) that this Coffee Shop shop had closed. Is it still there?

closed 2847520

This entire 0.44 acre property to the west of Mira Flores, South of El Gavilan, and north of Las Vegas (none have the suffix of street or road but if added it still is recognized by the all leves of gov. , neighbors, and family/friends who address mail to us.

This plot is “1 Mira Flores, Orinda CA 94563”
The plot on the ‘right side’ or the eastern plot on Mira Flores is “2 Mira Flores, Orinda 94563”.

There are only two properties/homes that share Mira Flores and are numbered 1 then 2 respectively. Many errors from OSM or all other gps nav systems confidently think there are ‘54 Mira Flores’ or ‘74 Mira Flores’ etc.

Lastly, The street currently listed as “El Gavilan Court” is incorrect as only this applies to the addresses that take a right/EAST going north on Mira Flores (hint because it’s a court); but for the well over 1/4 mile of road north of 1 Mira Flores (the marked location), so the road that you turn LEFT/WEST onto after traveling north/up Mira Flores is a similar name but a different street actually; its name is simply “El Gavilan”.

Not a huge issue on this following point but especially in this area of Orinda, Tiger Tail/St. Stephen’s, OCC, Charles Hill neighborhoods, all official addresses, street signs, and colloquial names 99.9% do not have ANY suffix after their name (I.e. street, road, way) only if its a Court or a major thoroughfare with painted yellow middle markers like St. Steven’s Drive, or Miner Road, or Moravia Way.

closed 3036591

There is no turning circle visible here in the aerial imagery; is it out of date? The previous version matches the imagery. The end node was moved north into what looks like the middle of a wide driveway. ( )

closed 1805296 Bike 2 End

"the museum has closed"
The place has gone or never existed. This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application: a user reports a POI that is visible on a map (which can be outdated), but cannot be found on the ground.
POI name: Ted Williams Museum
POI types: tourism-museum
OSM data version: 2019-05-17T13:54:02Z

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