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I remembered the time I started playing table tennis some 35 years ago. At first, I was so bad at it, kept on losing so many games. But I kept on playing regardless. There was something about this game that appealed so much to me.

Low initial start-up cost. You have the option whether to join a club or just play at home. Most of your limbs and organs undergo wholesome body movement. But then I found that if you don’t play well, you can’t have much fun. When you started losing games after games, you have to stop and start questioning yourself. What could have been wrong? One possible reason could be that you are not playing that backhand loop well. You returned that ball to your backhand with a normal drive causing the ball to miss your opponent’s ‘court’. And you ended up losing a point. But do not despair. For a start, pick out an opponent who is just slightly a better player than you do. Observe how he does the loop. Get another friend to video-tape your games. Study that tape afterward.

Next, get some good videos on table tennis and learn how those accomplished players handled the loop. You can also get a wealth of information from table tennis books. Read up and if you feel uncomfortable, check with better players to make sure you are getting the right message and are not mis-interpreting the information. I strongly recommend that you get a coach. It can save you lots of time and it is more fun too.