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Posted by Bendita Moreira on 9 June 2024 in English.



“Hello Mappers, I’m Bendita Vilar Moreira Leite from Timor-Leste. I’m excited to share a glimpse into my fellowship journey through this diary post, where I’ll recount my training experience, reflect on my learning, and explore the impact of learn.

As a young Timorese individual, my journey in digital mapping began on February 3rd 2023. It marked my initial foray into mapping for open-source data, although initially, I struggled to grasp its intricacies. However, my passion for mapping truly ignited through my involvement with the G-SIG association. It was there that I found the inspiration and encouragement to delve deeper into this field.

My participation in OMGuru Fellowship

My participation in the OMGuru fellowship in January 2024 was a remarkable opportunity that I seized eagerly. Despite having some prior knowledge of mapping through platforms like OSM OpenStreetMap and Tasking Manager, I realized that I still had much to learn to become a proficient mapping. However, the fellowship provided an excellent platform for growth. Through engaging capacity-building sessions conducted via Google Meet, our trainers shared valuable insights and lessons related to open-source platforms. Additionally, they created a dedicated G-Classroom where we could access course materials and assignments. These resources proved invaluable in enhancing our skills and knowledge in the field of mapping.

An amazing experience that I found through OMGuru fellowship journey

Participating in the OMGuru fellowship provided me with invaluable experiences. Through their comprehensive capacity-building sessions, I not only learned the intricacies of proper mapping techniques but also gained skills in data analysis and validation. The fellowship introduced me to various open-source platforms such as Tasking Manager, JOSM, Osmosse, Maproulatte, and OsmCha, each aimed at enhancing the quality of data on OpenStreetMap. It was a stroke of luck to have received such a golden opportunity.

The influence and positive impact of this study on my personal growth and professional skills

The benefits of participating in this fellowship were manifold. Not only did it help me achieve my goal of becoming a proficient mapping, but it also broadened my horizons with new experiences. Even I know that to be a professional mapper it’s really hard to me to learnt new things of mapping but I still try to understand and do my best to achieve my goals of learning. I am eager to share the knowledge and skills acquired through these open-source platforms, especially with fellow youths in our nation, encouraging them to contribute to our country’s a positivity data.

I’m thrilled to be participating in this fellowship. As I reflect on my journey of learning and growth, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to OMGuru for the invaluable opportunity and the rich experience and skills I’ve acquired. By the end of this fellowship, my aspiration is to acquire new mapping skills and learn how to contribute to open-source data. I’m eager to share my knowledge with those in need.

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