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gpx trace over 3 years ago


Your "test blaibel" changeset 26892428 for way 313588433 did work.

Unfortunately the live OSM database is not the place to conduct such experiments. There is now a somewhat misplaced, untagged way that crosses other ways which is of no use to anyone (except maybe yourself). I think there is a site to do this sort of experiment but cannot recall its name at the moment.

I think it should be realized that drawing ways in this manner is not effective, gpx tracks by the nature that they are made on a GPS are not going to be accurate. You still have to go over the entire way making adjustments, joining crossing ways etc. Also looking at the map in the first place would show that these particular ways are already mapped (in this case by your good self).

Will you now be removing/deleting the above mentioned changeset?


what are these oddly shaped circular features? over 3 years ago

Hi. A link to the area of your screenshot would help, also what is the image layer, please? Looking close at your image I would suggest that the larger blobs are palm trees you can just make out fronds. Each throwing a shadow to the SSW, the shadow of the trunks are also visible. As to the smaller lighter blobs they are shaded to the SSW side suggesting they are not high enough to cast a remote shadow on the ground. The blobs also seem to be equally spaced. Yes I think some form of agriculture. Regards

User Tracks almost 4 years ago

Hi, have a look at JOSM, everything there is customisable. You can make your tracks whatever colour you wish.

Classification Survey almost 4 years ago

Once you've been through all the introduction, in the right pane, (Interactive Map), click the + (plus) symbol which will bring up buttons to allow switching the base layer between OpenStreetMap and Bing Aerial.

iD Newbie friendly feature request over 4 years ago

Nothing happening at #osm-gb

ayna over 4 years ago

Hi, "yep then i deleted" Not quite, I can see you have now removed the last three tags but the node is still there.

Please say why you want to delete the place node? It was mapped on 19/08/2011 by account HOT Somalia Import (Non-PD) The place was obviously mapped for a reason by the Special account for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team import for Somalia during the 2011 Horn of Africa famine crisis.

I would have thought that if it is doing no harm, you don't know why it was mapped and you have no reason to delete it then leave it alone.

Regards Bernard

how i can delete my account over 4 years ago


Your account can be removed as detailed here :-

There is lots of help available if you want to learn how to map with OSM, please just ask.

Regards Bernard

ayna over 4 years ago

On reflection I can see now you have edited the node.

You've removed the tags website= and source=UNDP_2006 and name=Istanbul

Is that what you intended to do? Regards

ayna over 4 years ago

Your node
alt_name=Istanbul pcode=NA-3807-N10-003 place=village
is in the middle of an unoccupied area should it be deleted? No village there and certainly not Istanbul If you explain in a bit more detail what you want to do maybe we can help. Regards

First Edit over 4 years ago

Welcome to OSM, good start, yes lots more to learn!

Home Cooking StreetMap over 4 years ago


Highlighting 2 ways simultanously in Openstreetmap over 4 years ago

Hi There, I see you use Potlatch2 that's the same select/highlight as JOSM press and hold down "Ctrl key" hover the cursor over the way to be selected, click "left Mouse button", keep holding down "Ctrl key" or depress it again, hover cursor over next way to be highlighted, click "left Mouse button", repeat as many times as necessary. A quick but (I think clumsy) way to select/highlight several connected ways, or an area of ways, is to press and hold down "Ctrl key" then with the "left Mouse button" click and drag open a box covering the ways, release mouse button and all ways in, or part in, the box are selected. I think I've got that right. Regards Bernard

Give your opinion about the proposed tag "emergency=aed/defibrillator" over 4 years ago

Hi, OK I'm lost, how and where can one vote. Regards

recent upload failures. over 4 years ago

Hello There,

Most of your changes do show up, some mistakes to the tagging have been rectified by "mentor". The washing line tags have been amended, I don't really think these are suitable for OSM, aren't they of a somewhat temporary nature (could be removed took down), but each to their own way. Anyway I'm fairly sure washing lines won't be rendered on the OSM frontpage map.

Regards Bernard

Footpaths not connected almost 5 years ago

Hi, I forgot to say welcome to OSM.

Ahh yes, There is a gap, two nodes not joined at north of your new path.

Can I respectfully point out a few things. I've looked at the area on the Bing image 2011. I would say the vehicular way through the parking area ought to be a service road, type either driveway or parking aisle. Where the way exits the car park it would become a footway rather than a path, as it looks to be constructed as a way for pedestrians. Same as the way going up the slope to the platform. You have mapped/uploaded some single untagged nodes, maybe inadvertently, these ones :- They need to be deleted.

JOSM is a about the best editor for OSM mapping but like all of the editors it takes quite a bit of getting used to. If I can help further, even deleting those rouge node please say.

Regards Bernard

Footpaths not connected almost 5 years ago

Hi, I take it you refer to the elevated footpath her :- If so it is mapped correctly. Your edits can't be instantaneously added to the map, a lot of edits are re-rendered in OSM and appear within minutes. Others edits, ie coastlines sometimes take weeks. Then there is the question of what map you are referring to/looking at, some maps are re-rendered updated weekly, monthly, some not at all. Regards Bernard

Remove left-menu, add the search-box & improvements the OpenStreetMap UI almost 5 years ago

Hi, very good I like it except that now on the User Diary page and the Community Blog page the contents are crowded to far to the left of the screen. IMHO this makes it harder to read it would be better if the content were centralised like the help centre page. Regards Bernard

gps almost 5 years ago

Sorry this PDF link is in English only Regards Bernard

multiple buildings at a Gutshof almost 5 years ago

Hello ConsEbt,

The tags you have on the area need to be removed and put on the Multipolygon Relation leaving the area untagged. This will give the desired effect, unfortunately I don't use iD editor so can't help there. It's a very simple automatic job in the JOSM editor and I can do it for you if you wish. Have a go, and post/let me know, if you need more help.

Regards Bernard

Natural:Peak + area:yes about 5 years ago Hi, I think the change set above is the area referred to.

It is definitely not a "Peak". It doesn't look like a "Mountain Pass", the area for miles around is farmland. Can the elevation be correct for the whole area?

Regards Bernard