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Day II 4 months ago

Hi, the ditch is joined to the power line at 'Node: 5354204904'. You've also drawn the ditch crossing two cycle ways with no indication how this cross over is achieved, ford, bridge or culvert? Regards Bernard

OSM survey on user demographics: A huge THANK YOU for participating! 7 months ago

Many Thanks from one of the sixty!

Therapeutic effects of mapping 7 months ago

1crazypj, Hi, sorry to say your changes will not work. I'll put comments on the changeset. Regards.

Strangely for me the therapy is in fixing problems, there's great satisfaction in helping folk.

Finding dragged nodes over 1 year ago

Hello, "Intersections without Junctions" in "Keep right!" shows those problems. Please see here :- As you can see you've corrected them.

Can you use the copy paste function in JOSM from the Keyboard ? over 1 year ago

Hello, using the latest JOSM build (version 10966) and Java (version 1.8.0_102) the copy and paste functions work perfectly, for me. You must first highlight the item to be copied then use either the menu 'Edit, copy' function or 'Ctrl+c' function.

To paste with menu 'Edit, paste' you must first center JOSM to where you want the item to be pasted. If you don't center/move JOSM background you may well paste one or more copies in the exact spot without noticing. To paste with 'Ctrl+v' you must place the cursor/mouse pointer at the place you wish the copy to be and press 'Ctrl+v' just once. If you press 'Ctrl+v' more than once you get duplicates on the same spot and may not notice them. You can mix your use of the copy/paste functions :- menu 'Edit, copy' and 'Ctrl+v' work OK as does 'Ctrl+c' and menu 'Edit, paste' with the appropriate centering of JOSM or positioning of the cursor/mouse pointer.

With two layers copying and pasting between them works exactly the same and I cannot replicate your problem.

Hougang about 2 years ago

Hi, the two nodes you added are not really the sort of thing that OSM should be used for. For a start the nodes are not verifiable on the ground by anyone, (except yourself and maybe your sister). I doubt if the two nodes are actually named "Home" and "Sisters House". I doubt also if the nodes really are of viewpoints used by tourists. It should therefore be recommended that the nodes be deleted from the database. Regards.

First Edit about 2 years ago

Hi, some of your building are drawn over highways, because you've drawn the roof outline when the image is at an angle. After the roof shape has been drawn as an outline, it should be moved to match the location on the ground level. It also looks much better to orthogonalize square shapes. Help on both matters is given here :- Regards

Help: Revert changesets about 2 years ago

Hi, change-set #37448380 is now reverted.

Reverting a chang-set is usually an easy task unless there are conflicts with the data.

Regards Bernard

Help: Revert changesets about 2 years ago

Hi, changesets #37448565 is reverted

number #37448380 will delete about 1600 objects is this correct?

regards Bernard

About Nepalgunj Mapping over 2 years ago

Hello, I notice from JOSM that there is no imagery offset stored for this area. If you are sure of the offset could you store it so that others can easily use the exact same offset. Otherwise you will continue to get mapping at all sorts of degrees of correctness, even when folk do adjust the imagery. Regards

PS I meant to post here but sent direct reply by mistake.

Mapping a neighborhood park over 2 years ago

Hello Ganesh,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You asked for suggestions so please don't take offense.

There are a few things that would improve your already fairly good mapping. I have not altered anything at the park so you can see what I'm saying.

There are a couple of sections of way that are not tagged (look like footways).

From the Bing image the shelters can be clearly seen. Like this its best to map the outline of the buildings from the Bing image, then put the tags on the building, it's still a POI. (folk can then see better (on the map) the size of the feature.)

The toilets are mapped on top of the footway and park boundary, need better positioning, so folk can better see positions of things in relation to other features.

It looks like the center section of path has (in part) been moved north, dragging nodes in the two curved section's of path out of place.

There is one untagged node on the north east side of the park.

In places the paths and park boundary join, I'm sure this doesn't really happen, as I said, from the Bing Image and using JOSM you can zoom in and place most of what you have mapped much more accurately.

Lastly your version of JOSM is old and needs updating, there are now many more and better features in it, current version is 9060.

If I can help any more please just ask. Regards Bernard

Missing Dam in Germany over 2 years ago

So, Way: 105671446 In changeset: 18556757 Tags: "waterway"="dam" should be removed.

Trabalho de Geografia over 2 years ago

Your fictitious two nodes (one untagged) (one a named node inserted to the highway) are removed. Please be careful to actually map what is on the ground and verifiable.

This is good ! almost 3 years ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

There is a great amount to learn about the best practices for OSM mapping. I've looked at a lot of your first edits/additions to the map. May I respectfully suggest you read up on the correct way to tag opening hours, if not done correctly they are of no use to the project. Same with telephone numbers. Names should not be all capitol letters even if they appear so on shop fronts, (you have most of your correct. Areas, the landuse of the area should be tagged and the area precisely drawn, (I'm looking at the marina). Lastly it's a good idea to write comments to your changesets so others will have an idea what you are trying to do and most importantly where your information comes from. Best to take your time and get things right.

Regards & Happy Mapping Bernard

First experience in editing mapping my house almost 3 years ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap,

It doesn't look like your house was added to the live map. Regards

Mapping areas that can be walked over, but aren't a path. (E.g. grass) about 3 years ago

Hello There,

That would be highway=pedestrian, draw the area, tag it as highway=pedestrian, no need for area=yes tag. You would also have to in some way connect it to the rest of the highway network, possibly with a connecting path or via a path running through the area. Don't forget that the connecting or throught path/way must be joined/connected to the area. Regards

New to OSM about 3 years ago

It's gone now.

New to OSM about 3 years ago

Well I would have thought you would know not to put a lighthouse in the middle of a road in an inland town. How on earth will ships see that light. I'll remove it later.

First mapping. Higham, Lancs, UK about 3 years ago

Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap, I've sent an email pointing out a few problems. May I also respectfully point out that it's wrong to copy from Memory Map, they are OS maps an are copyrighted. Also the footpath lines on the OS maps are usually at least the intellectual data of a Local Authority and are therefore protected. Some LAs do allow use of definitive map data. Regards

gpx trace over 3 years ago


Your "test blaibel" changeset 26892428 for way 313588433 did work.

Unfortunately the live OSM database is not the place to conduct such experiments. There is now a somewhat misplaced, untagged way that crosses other ways which is of no use to anyone (except maybe yourself). I think there is a site to do this sort of experiment but cannot recall its name at the moment.

I think it should be realized that drawing ways in this manner is not effective, gpx tracks by the nature that they are made on a GPS are not going to be accurate. You still have to go over the entire way making adjustments, joining crossing ways etc. Also looking at the map in the first place would show that these particular ways are already mapped (in this case by your good self).

Will you now be removing/deleting the above mentioned changeset?