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Posted by Ataur Rahman Shaheen on 14 October 2016 in English (English)

I am Ataur Rahman Shaheen. A executive member of Red Creseent Youth, Dhaka College Unit. Last august A OpenStreetMap training was organize by unit. I was so much excited about that training. I was mapping others map and use regularly. Our unit leader Sawan Shariar tell me that OpenStreetMap is better then others map. I was not appreciate with him. How can a map better than others map? But my thought was changing when the training begun. At the beginning of training, [Ahasanul Hoque] (, pioneer of OSM Bangladesh greeting us and inform us about OSM by his small speech. Then the training was started with very informative lecture about map by Atikur Rahman atik. Manjurul Islam train us about the basic of OSM. when Sawan Shariar start his session about details of OSM, my thought was totally changed about OSM. Now it was in my front that OSM is better then others maps. Because we can put many many detail information in OSM what we can’t in others map.

When we go for field work i was totally surprise. Because by field working the map will going to be an unmistakable, complete and very informative map of a area. It was just awesome. I think a man can know everything of a area and also can guide another man if he use OSM of that area even he/she was not resident of that area. I think it is the big achievement for those mapper who mapping that area.

In the training the most interesting part for me was field work. Because there was some funny experience. Bangladeshi people was so curious about anything. They ask about our activity and appreciate us. Some people thought we are government officer or municipal officer. They complaining their areas problem. Some people thought we are police special force or DB police and they was so scared. It was so laughable.

After completing the training my opinion is Yes…! OSM is better then others map. Not only better, it is the best.

Comment from Sawan Shariar on 14 October 2016 at 17:53

It’s completely gorgeous. Go ahead….

Comment from santamariense on 16 October 2016 at 05:30

Congratulations to you and the study group too.

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