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20 days of mapping

Posted by Arunmozhi on 27 May 2010 in English.

It has been 20 days since i have begun mapping in OSM. First it started to be little funny simple like marking the places and the data that i know around my living area. Now it has grown as a full time passion. I first created the map of the college. Then drew the canal that runs near our college. Then modified cauvery river (got a bit confused with its rendering and still donot know wether what i have done is correct).

then drew the complete Amaravathi river from the Amaravathi dam down to its meeting point at the cauvery near karur.

Then drew a bit of roads around dharapuram area, and some roads between the Perundurai and gobichettipalayam. All using the JOSM editor, so didnot have much thought about writing a diary entry.