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gpx not accepted - again

Had you any problems since then? /user/jan_olieslagers/traces

Editing Openstreetmap using Strava layer in iD editor

It appears only at 16, or 16 and closer?

Metropolis style

(just a minor typo correction; you linked it correctly but the link decoration has the ‘street’ in ‘’ shortened to ‘stret’, same as on this page that linked here:

Baltimore's Monuments to the Confederacy removed from OpenStreetMap after their removal by the City of Baltimore

My city is currently in the process of evaluating the cultural context of all monuments within the city limits. I think if any end up being removed I will find out where the objects ended up (municipal storage, for example) and move the nodes there, and slap a disused: in front of them.

Why does OSM default render highway=path as a cycleway?

There was also a discussion on the OSM Slack about how multi-use tracks get rendered, and it seems like there are different cultural expectations about usage between Europe and the Americas.