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Metropolis style over 1 year ago

(just a minor typo correction; you linked it correctly but the link decoration has the ‘street’ in ‘’ shortened to ‘stret’, same as on this page that linked here:

Baltimore's Monuments to the Confederacy removed from OpenStreetMap after their removal by the City of Baltimore over 2 years ago

My city is currently in the process of evaluating the cultural context of all monuments within the city limits. I think if any end up being removed I will find out where the objects ended up (municipal storage, for example) and move the nodes there, and slap a disused: in front of them.

Why does OSM default render highway=path as a cycleway? over 2 years ago

There was also a discussion on the OSM Slack about how multi-use tracks get rendered, and it seems like there are different cultural expectations about usage between Europe and the Americas.