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Nominatim QA Analyser Tool - GSoC'21 Final Report over 1 year ago

Hi Stereo! Thanks for the feedbacks. Some rules are not yet well explained and we are working on it, the one you mentioned has just received an update which will be live later.

This rule essentially flags OSM objects where we don’t expect that they have a full address (mountains, rivers, cities, …). As I said the rule still needs to be finetuned and we are working on that.

Nominatim QA Analyser Tool - GSoC'21 Update over 1 year ago

Hi tordans,

I am sorry for the late answer.

We don’t have a feature to report false positive yet, but it is planned to be added in the near future. We now have our own web app which will make it easier to add this feature.

However, if you find a big chunk of data which should be considered as false positive and if you think we could have a good way to identity these data, please do not hesitate to come talk about this in the issues section of the repository. Maybe we could add some logic to the whole rule in order to avoid fetching such data.