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Mountain bike routes over 7 years ago

The route info works for other route types too (i.e. Just edit the relation id in the url manually and click 'Force reload'. If the route is valid, you should see a similar output like for a mtb route. I probably add overview maps for other route types like hiking in the near future.

Bus and other relations about 8 years ago

@flaimo I really like the idea for making every route variant/direction a own relation. Saves a lot of trouble.

OpenStreetMap Points of Interest in Google Earth about 8 years ago

The xapi servers are down or very overloaded most of the time, so this script doesn't work at the most of the time.

OpenStreetMap Points of Interest in Google Earth almost 9 years ago

@wieland zoom in and then it's not empty anymore

@h4ck3rm1k3 that's true but i like doing it the easy way

@acrosscanadatrails that are some cool overlays in your kml