Mapper since:
June 24, 2022

Andrew Katz created trading initiatives for futures, FX, and stocks at EFG Bank. He managed risk positions and daily electronic trading activity and holdings, allowing him to successfully analyze potential investment opportunities.

Andrew Katz worked at Smoking Gun, where he created end-to-end startup solutions. His responsibilities included raising capital, consulting with business clients, and providing go-to-market support. Katz demonstrates his financial acumen by creating forecasts based on highly accurate market risk and data analysis. He mastered the deal-flow lifecycle by analyzing operations and creating marketing materials for clients, a critical skill for his later success as an entrepreneur.

Andrew Katz co-founded Seaquake with Dylan Knight in 2016 and serves as its CEO. Seaquake provides infrastructure to the Digital Asset Market through development, consulting, and our core technology stack, which is linked to all aspects of the market.

Seaquake is a group of financial, business, and technology professionals, including ex-PayPal employee Matthew Krueger, who are dedicated to providing stable digital assets through the use of advanced technologies. Katz observes that fragmented infrastructures and inefficiencies are currently preventing the digital market from achieving dominance in the financial sector.

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