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Deltachat + RSS = Monitoreo de Openstreetmap for Dummies ( Opensource ) 4 months ago

Creo que el proyecto Delta Chat realmente podría ser una gran herramienta para OpenStreetMap, solo piense que podría usar sus bots en mls nacionales, monitoreo de zonas para verificar cambios o realizar solicitudes a OverpassTurbo. Hace tiempo que quería escribir plug-ins de Simplebot para facilitar la vida de los mapeadores y usuarios finales. Hace algún tiempo hice un plug-in que cuando uno en un grupo de DC (Delta Chat) enviaba coordenadas, el bot devolvía una pantalla del mapa OSM con un pin que indicaba un área y un enlace osm. Por ahora estoy ejecutando un bot de “prueba”, tan pronto como encuentre el tiempo continuaré escribiendo el plug-ins.

Confession over 1 year ago

@dalsasso Sono nato in Engadina (Svizzera) le mie origini sono del Canton Zurigo, Stadel bei Niederglatt. 😄

Confession about 2 years ago

@dalsasso I agree with what you said, in fact I usually if a name is written on the signs on the spot and I also know the dialectal form, I insert in the name the official Italian name, in the loc_name the dialectal form. As for the places that have only a dialect name and do not have an official name in Italian, I put the name in the dialect in the name. For example, there is a place called Foin, I don’t dream of translating it into Italian, it is a place that only has a dialect name. In the case that happened to me there were official names in Italian, reported on road signs, I entered the name in Italian in the name and moved the dialectal form to loc_name… by the author who had put the dialectal form in the name I got an almost threatening message. I asked in the Italian ml and was told it was right as the mapper said. So sadly I restored all the names. That’s why I gave up. @SomeoneElse, do you know what it would take? a tool to get to know each other better, perhaps we would avoid prejudices and collaborate more. Right now, we are strangers who participate in the same project. I have been a mapper (with my old account) since 2014 and I honestly know better the Delta Chat betatesters (with whom I have been collaborating for a year) than the mappers I have been mapping with since 2014… OSM needs a more social part, maybe this would create more harmony.


@dalsasso condivido quanto hai detto infatti io di solito se sui cartelli in loco c’è scritto un nome e conosco anche la forma dialettale, inserisco nel name il nome ufficiale italiano, nel loc_name la forma dialettale. Per quanto riguarda le località che hanno solo nome dialettale e non hanno un nome ufficiale in italiano metto nel name il nome in dialetto. Ad esempio c’è una località che si chiama Foin, non mi sogno di tradurlo in Italiano, è una località che ha solo nome dialettale. Nel caso che mi è capitato c’erano dei nomi ufficiali in italiano, riportati sui cartelli stradali, io ho inserito nel name il nome in italiano e spostato in loc_name la forma dialettale… dall’autore che aveva messo nel name la forma dialettale ho ricevuto un messaggio quasi minatorio. Ho chiesto nella ml italiana e mi è stato detto che era giusto come diceva il mapper. Quindi sconsolato ho ripristinato tutti i name. È per questo che mi sono arreso. @SomeoneElse, sai cosa ci vorrebbe? uno strumento per conoscerci meglio, forse dieviterebbero pregiudizi e si collaborerebbe di più. Ora come ora, siamo degli sconosciuti che partecipiamo allo stesso progetto. Sono mappatore (con il mio vecchio account) dal 2014 e sinceramente conosco meglio i betatester di Delta Chat (con cui collaboro da un anno) che i mapper con cui mappo dal 2014… OSM ha bisogno di una maggiore parte social, forse questo creerebbe maggiore armonia.

Confession about 2 years ago

@roptat >I believe the general consensus is to use the >official language(s)

No, unfortunately this is not the case, in fact last year after having contacted a mapper and 15 days after he had not answered me, I moved the names in dialectal form to loc_name and the official name to name. I imagine an excursionist who reads the map at the beginning of the route and then starts to use the OSM maps, finds himself with totally different names. The community response was on the wiki it is written like this, so please restore the names as they were before! When they answer like this, what comparison do you want to have?


Now OSM has become the second project I currently collaborate on. In fact, first I follow the translation and testing of Delta Chat, then if I have time left I dedicate it to OSM. I am very sorry, I believed in OSM a lot, but now I prefer to collaborate with an international community like DC (Delta Chat) rather than being almost afraid to do an edit on OSM (There is a risk that I will anger someone)…

The land of death over 2 years ago

I do not abandon OpenStreetMap, but I have decided to make my contribution in other countries. I think that respect and good education is at the base of everything. Unfortunately the increase in popularity of OSM there has been an increase in mappers (excellent) but unfortunately the rude people have also increased. Patience has a limit and I have reached the limit. OpenStreetMap for me is much more than a map, it is to make the territory known, enhance it, pass on its history, a tool to explore the territory. It is often the only map for many abandoned nations or peoples. Only once did I unsubscribe from OSM, because I had to emigrate from Italy and I would not have had more time to devote to OSM (with great regret). Fortunately / bad luck emigration has faded, and here I am.

Integrazioni mappatura Collina di torino over 3 years ago

Buon mapping!

Thank You! over 3 years ago


Thinkpad OSM keyboard - night edition. over 3 years ago

Wow 😯

Prima pagina del Diario about 5 years ago

Buon mapping! :-)

Controllare una rete di sentieri over 5 years ago

Grazie Cascafico, lo terrò come riferimento!