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During a hike I noticed that a small wooden chapel in a wood in Sudtirol, northern Italy, was placed incorrectly.

I made an exact point (8m precision) with two different apps which average the GPS points; I used 100 points. Latitude/longitude were 46.7138607/12.3411447 , just to be clear; I wanted to move the Kapelle at that position.

However, I found no way of directly entering the coordinates in the description of the point using the ID online editor. I had to resort to trial and error with the openstreetmap standard viewer, repeatedly using right-click/show address to obtain coordinates.

I tried to export data from the apps, but the format was rejected - apparently OSM expects polylines and not single points.

Is there any way to use this detailed information in a direct way?

Thanks in advance to everybody who knows…

Location: Ladstatter, Sexten - Sesto, Pustertal - Val Pusteria, South Tyrol, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, 39090, Italy