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Beside national parks, there are form of flora and fauna protections which falls into the category of Nature Reserve.

One example I know by personal experience is sectors of rivers where fishing is forbidden or regulated, usually to protect the ecosystem.

OSM holds the Nature Reserve tag already.

The class of protection is also a good way to describe, but fish reserves are not listed explicitly. Also it seems that is applies to boundaries only.

…research in progress… suggestions are welcome!

The dudes at fmach did a nice and useful piece of work:

that lead me to a wikipedia article about an abandoned railway in Umbria, not mapped yet in OSM. When I was living there I’ve heard about that, from old people.

Let’s gather some information and map it in OSM, I’m curious about how much of the original trace is still there!

tick tack tick tack …

ok, found some picture of old maps, converted, geo-referred, mapped the gpx. Unfortunately much of the original track has been cancelled by new buildings and roads.

While the OSM concept of mapping what exists. The old railways can be a kind of exception.

To start with, I’ll map just the sectors of the original trace where there is evidence it was a railway. Relation for this railway is 3691276

The Ellera-Tavernelle old railway is a tough task, as it is a mixture of several cases of historic railways. There are ‘'’abandoned’’’ (no more tracks) as well as ‘'’disused’’’ segments, and some parts are not mappable (i.e. a new, big jail was built just in the middle of the trace).


Location: Pietraia, Perugia, Umbria, 06072, Italy