Activities in Град Панчево - Pancevo (Serbia)

Posted by Ale_Zena_IT on 27 September 2018 in Italian (Italiano)

I’ve just did some quick test in Pancevo (Serbia) with Digital Globe Premium imagery. I’m taking part, with several international partners, in V-IOLA Project and in January - February 2019 we have planned to do some mapping in Pancevo with the aid of local volunteers besides remote mappers. The scenario is a mapping against an eartquake event.

Today I’ve just drawn some building and I would like to get some feedback to know how the Digital Globe imagery are aligned and if someone knows there are better imagery for a future remote mapping.

Feel free to contact me if you live in Serbia and are interested in taking part in some way to these activities. Few weeks after we will keep a similar activity in Sutomore (Montenegro). There the scenario will be against flooding. Again, if someone would be involved let me know dropping a comment here o by PM

Alessandro Ale_Zena_IT Wikimedia Italia / OpenStreetMap Italia

Location: Zona Tortona, Municipio 6, Milano, Lombardia, Italia

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