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External Bluetooth GPS receiver unit, Android 11 and Custom ROMs 11 days ago

No idea… I’ve collected a lot of tracks with OSMTracker for Android with Nokia 2.2 before the switch to OsmAnd though.

Is it good faith, or... 8 months ago

@CjMalone: Apparently assumption went across first

@kucai: ¯\(ツ)

Is it good faith, or... 10 months ago

I’ll keep you updated.

Maping one of the most threatened forests in the world 10 months ago

Try to plug this in to OSM Earth?

How not to be productive 11 months ago


Uh oh! Looks like I’ve got to stick with the JARs from now on.

SOLVED: How to add images to a diary entry with Kramdown? 11 months ago

@GOwin Wow, thanks for your tip!

SOLVED: How to add images to a diary entry with Kramdown? 12 months ago

The code ![my interesting image](https://url.goes/to/google/drive) may be correct, but I think Google Drive may disallow hotlinking of image files. Try another image hosting service e.g. Imgur or the upload the said images to OSM Wiki.

Buat yang mana, yang suka about 1 year ago


Selamat Aidilfitri! Ini langsung bukannya tentang kasus group mapper. Catatan hal peribadi…

Bagus tindakan kalian kalau begitu, semoga sukses kerja kalian (tim IRM).


Tinggal serdak.

I'm getting tired... over 1 year ago

Thanks for the link!

I'm getting tired... over 1 year ago

I’m biased to say, damaged - unfortunately. The bad side of things apparently eclipsed the chill side of things. At least, some edits were un-did through changeset discussions, or I made the corrections myself. Well, if I managed to have a sneak peak. Some destructive edits were only noticed for several months - that’s what you get when you’re the only active mapper around.

I'm getting tired... over 1 year ago


What Imagery to Use for Validation? over 1 year ago

For the time being, Maxar imagery cannot be accessed through the JOSM editor. However, mappers would be able to do so through the development’s version (i.e. the next version of JOSM) - or through the iD editor, viewed through any browser.

recording / playback voice and link it to GPS location, is there an app for that ? over 1 year ago

Been using this happily since 2014! But you may want to look for (latest) ones equipped with Galileo/Glonass receivers.

recording / playback voice and link it to GPS location, is there an app for that ? over 1 year ago

I’m not sure whether Android 9.0+ allows app to receive mock locations.

You may want to get an external GPS unit that can pair with your phone through Bluetooth. This way, you may get more decent GPS signal for recording GPS tracks.

Updates to DigitalGlobe imagery layers almost 2 years ago

Thank you Maxar/DigitalGlobe for sharing the imageries! Are there any channel to submit feedbacks e.g. a small patch of cloudy area in my area of editing interest?

Coordinates on over 2 years ago

On top of that, reversed order should work too e.g. N1 E1

Coordinates on over 2 years ago

This format should work: e.g. 1N 1E and 1S 1W

Adding Gate Numbers in klia2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Terminal 2) over 2 years ago

Many thanks for your edits! I had mapped some shops on KLIA2, but today I learnt that one can also further map gate numbers! (hence, missing details)

Sentinel on AWS is now behind a paywall almost 3 years ago

Many thanks for your link.

Went through some of the alternatives, and it seems that the only option available is to download data in all spectrums (which may be beneficial for scientific exploitation) in a zip archive.

I guess I have to download the whole archive, apparently just to get that TCI.jp2 file - I’m so lazy. On top of that, additional processing to get better quality imagery is not my priority.

The USGS EarthExplorer did offer to download a particular area (geotiff file), but looks something like this:


Similar to how they process Landsat imagery.

Bah, so fussy and very demanding am I, isn’t it!

Bing imagery about 3 years ago


At least, in the States, there are imageries in the public domain, which might be updated quite often.

Here in Malaysia, actually; even I myself am desperate for any imagery updates. It makes things better!

Since you have mentioned Strava heatmaps as well, it’s a huge loss on our side too. We do have uploaded GPS tracks in OSM, but they’re mostly concentrated on major highways.

Personally I too find Strava heatmaps is a major relief, especially in rural areas. Tracing based on Strava heatmap is not purely blind armchair mapping.