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Adding Gate Numbers in klia2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Terminal 2) 3 months ago

Many thanks for your edits! I had mapped some shops on KLIA2, but today I learnt that one can also further map gate numbers! (hence, missing details)

Sentinel on AWS is now behind a paywall 5 months ago

Many thanks for your link.

Went through some of the alternatives, and it seems that the only option available is to download data in all spectrums (which may be beneficial for scientific exploitation) in a zip archive.

I guess I have to download the whole archive, apparently just to get that TCI.jp2 file - I’m so lazy. On top of that, additional processing to get better quality imagery is not my priority.

The USGS EarthExplorer did offer to download a particular area (geotiff file), but looks something like this:


Similar to how they process Landsat imagery.

Bah, so fussy and very demanding am I, isn’t it!

Bing imagery 10 months ago


At least, in the States, there are imageries in the public domain, which might be updated quite often.

Here in Malaysia, actually; even I myself am desperate for any imagery updates. It makes things better!

Since you have mentioned Strava heatmaps as well, it’s a huge loss on our side too. We do have uploaded GPS tracks in OSM, but they’re mostly concentrated on major highways.

Personally I too find Strava heatmaps is a major relief, especially in rural areas. Tracing based on Strava heatmap is not purely blind armchair mapping.

Bing imagery 10 months ago


Is it possible to do so in iD editor?

Since Bing might not be updated often, then it is somehow possible to get around with imageries that suffer from cloud covers.

Mulai Mengenal Dan Belajar Di Open Street Map 11 months ago

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Surau and parking in building enhancement suggestion 11 months ago

said the user “the key is mature enough for a proposal”.

Bah, I accidentally left a word! It should be “wait for the key to be mature enough for a proposal”.

SomeoneElse: What gets rendered […] doesn’t depend what’s in the wiki

SK53: add a description of the place_of_worship=musalla tag on the wiki

I see. I’ll let everyone know if I managed to document it in the wiki.

SK53: […] suspect these locations […] fit this description

Definitely! These places, especially in most (UK) unis, are exactly musalla’s, or what Malaysians call as surau’s (Markdown cannot parse the italic markups unfortunately, hence apostrophes).

Surau and parking in building enhancement suggestion 11 months ago

then these would show in OSM somehow in the future

Sorry, I should carefully reword that: it will definitely be in OSM as mapped elements, but it may take some time to get it be shown on the (slippy map on the) main website

Surau and parking in building enhancement suggestion 11 months ago

Oops. This is a better visualisation link - for the second one.

Surau and parking in building enhancement suggestion 11 months ago

There was someone that took an effort to retag these as place_of_worship=musalla. I had a chat with the user, so that it can be proposed as a suitable tag. Alas, said the user “the key is mature enough for a proposal”.

There are currently 385 places tagged as place_of_worship=musalla: and here’s the whereabouts.

Although it is technically (practically) correct to map it that way, if a proposal has been made and is successful, then these would show in OSM somehow in the future. And probably, OSM data consumers e.g. navigational apps based on OSM.

Panduan Cara Menang Judi Poker 99 11 months ago

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about 1 year ago

Back in action again, now using a sockpuppet account. Ooo… with profanities, oh, wow, so edgy. One more vandalism, and I’ll ring the DWG.

Back again

Pokemon Go now uses OSM about 1 year ago

I also keep an eye on small playgrounds and/or gardens to be marked as parks (!). Last time, these players were not able to do so (in Malaysia), because there’s only two imagery layers to trace stuff (Bing and Mapbox satellite). Some places were out of date, or do not even have a good coverage,

Now, it’s anyone’s game: three new, updated imagery layers which covers the most populous places.

@ -karlos-

They did, only for the map of South Korea first. Rumour has it, that the developer has used OSM, around the world, to determine what type of monster that could spawn.

KTA Bank DBS over 1 year ago

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KTA Bank DBS Memberikan Pinjaman Tanpa Jaminan over 1 year ago

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Pokémon™ Go event rant over 1 year ago


Oh. Hehe. Ada dua tiga bendalah, ni orang lain la. So far so good, your edit is OK.

Kadang-kadang taman permainan / padang lapang / tempat rumput tumbuh sekangkang kera / macam-macam tu bukannya selalu leisure=park. Ada tag yang lebih sesuai. Dah nampak, tegur lah. Hantar message, “hai hai!”. Tegur-tegur sapa-menyapa, terus stop, tak edit dah. Tinggal terus. Okay… tu pun kalau rajin, kita buat jugak la pembetulan sikit-sikit.

Cuma masa seminggu Easter special tu, makin ramai la pulak mapper baru. Tapi kalau tak silap Niantic bukannya akan update on the spot. Lepas tu, ah, tak kuasa nak hai-hai diorang ni dah. Kita pun main la juga slow-slow, tapi takde la nak ‘hack’ OpenStreetMap sampai macam tu sekali.

Ada tempat di Kedah ni pun, macam Niantic tak pakai Google Maps, mungkin pakai OSM, tapi kena ingat juga kalau bukan OSM pun… ada la third party lain kan, tak pun game Ingress tu sendiri.

Contoh: memang ada taman leisure=park yang takde dalam OSM, tapi ada dalam Google Maps. Dalam OSM ada water=pond tapi takde dalam Google Maps, tapi jadi sarang water-type. Tapi Pokestop pulak, OSM takde, Google Maps pun takde pulak masjid / tokong / kuil. So, mungkin la game Ingress ni la punca…

What's that? almost 2 years ago


A weir in my country (Malaysia) is quite uncommon to see (well, so far), so most likely those who purely do armchair mapping over here could mistakenly map something like this as a bridge.

Copernicus Sentinel's TCI almost 2 years ago

I have worked with ImageMagick before, usually fiddling the images (levels, curves, etc) with Photoshop after that. As a consequence, the georeference elements is gone, going that way.

So, after creating a composite, I would need to georeference it again. Before I upgraded my machine, I don’t have any other options, so I have to rely on Mapwarper and for example, the provided metadata for Sentinel-2 imageries.

And so I managed to load it through JOSM but with a major caveat: I have to check its offset, at almost every places.

By the way, thanks for your link. I’ll definitely check it later.

Copernicus Sentinel's TCI almost 2 years ago

However, I still need some guide on how to create an RGB Landsat 8 imagery from the three raw files. Tried to Google some guides and carefully follow them step by step, but no fruitful results.

Copernicus Sentinel's TCI almost 2 years ago

WMS service

I thought it’s a paid service provided by Sinergise. But, anyway, I’m happy with the provided TCI files. Download a copy, then trim them in QGIS and save the desired chunk as geoTIFF files. Finally, load it through JOSM using the ImportImagePlugin.

Copernicus Sentinel's TCI almost 2 years ago

Oh, I forgot one more thing: you could even visualise (preview) your chosen images (Sentinel-2 only) up to its native resolution.