OSM lulz 2014

Posted by AkuAnakTimur on 2 January 2015 in Malay (Bahasa Melayu)

English: Personal OSM lulz 2014

Di luar / Outdoors mapping survey

Satu jalan tiga nama! Memandangkan OSM ada tag yang sesuai maka letak jelah kesemuanya.

One single stretch of road but three different names! A good example where the different tags in OSM can be useful.

Rujukan / reference: Way 319918394

Way 319918394

Di dalam / Indoors armchair mapping

Kan senang nak letak nama kalau semua macam ni...

Adding details is a piece of cake if and only if things are more like this...

Rujukan / reference: Way 319665300

Way 319665300

2015, semoga terus istiqamah tambah data OSM.

2015, hopefully I would be able to contribute more and more towards adding data to OSM.

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