Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran...

Posted by AkuAnakTimur on 11 December 2014 in Malay (Bahasa Melayu)

Sebab apa?

Memang skema tagging yang sungguh skema tapi yang penting tak buat tag main redah je.

Sekian bebel-bebel OSM hari ini.

Comment from kucai on 11 December 2014 at 15:47

ngeehhh… iD user kot.

apalagi, revert changeset le.

Hantar email sekali.

Comment from kucai on 11 December 2014 at 15:51

hmm, pakcik ni memang keje dia delete terus highway yang lama - lama punya.

adoi la.. loklak toi..

Comment from AkuAnakTimur on 12 December 2014 at 06:33

Lagi best bila merge habis semua. Kadang-kadang tu kes had laju lain-lain tapi tak tanda lagi la, nak double check. Hmm… effort habis kalau nak revert satu-satu.

Ramp yang memang takde, gatal-gatal tambah.

Comment from AkuAnakTimur on 12 December 2014 at 06:34

Tak letak source=* pulak tu. Komen la sikit changeset sama kot ye pun. Geram geram geram.

Comment from kucai on 12 December 2014 at 07:15

maka aku dengan kelaseran aku, pun menghantar email kat dia. Tak tahu le dia balas ke idak. Tapi laser power sekadar torchlight je, sekadar tegur friendly.. ngehhh

Yang bab kes had laju tu, aku cadangkan hang delay last minit sebelum taruk node. Bila confirm, baru taruk node, split n masuk data. Kalau idak, standard le node kosong tu terdelete kalau terkena JOSM simplify way. Aku punya workflow camtu, lepas trace berbagai, aku simplify way (high accuracy) untuk kurangkan redundant node. Kalau tidak, jadi macam separuh2 tempat, selekoh kat bucu rumah pun bantai lukis sampai guna 10 node.

Sabar bang sabar… adat memeta osm gitu le. Mujur le tak ramai lagi yang nak mencuba align map..

Comment from Pizza1016 on 12 December 2014 at 15:47

Hi. Sorry for the trouble (and the late reply, as I’m out of town at the moment). I was merging segments of the road in that edit and it accidentally caused the relation to be deleted. I have just split the relevant segment of the road and re-added the relation again, with a slight difference which you can see here: I was kind of tired that night when I made the edit and I sort of overlooked a number of changes, so once again I apologise. Personally I merge road segments a lot because it is very difficult with the current software to select the entire route (as in literal routes, like the entire North-South Expressway) when I have to make large edits, which also kind of means some data might be mixed up, and while most of the time data remains the same after merges, I do try to fix them if they conflict or don’t match.

By the way, I do understand Malay, but I feel more comfortable speaking in English because I’m more fluent in it.

Comment from AkuAnakTimur on 13 December 2014 at 01:42

Hi. I would like to apologise as well if this has caused any inconveniences to you. Well, I usually write OSM diaries in Malay.

For any mass edits next time, please be extra careful. I have noticed that some unmerged ways that should stay that way (because of bridges, etc) were merged into a single way.

In addition, I would like to suggest using JOSM if someone has to deal with a lot of edits. I believe you have used Potlatch because it is easier to add/edit elements into any relations - I used to do so when I first discovered about relations before fully switching into JOSM.

JOSM would check for any inconsistencies such as an incomplete relation caused by broken relations for example, before you would upload a changeset. Also, it would check for a highway that overlaps a waterway at the same layer; and many more. It is really useful when you are doing a mass editing.

And also, just to let you know, we have to set up standards for the highway classification tagging - which should reflect the almost-uniform international standard that is being used. Have your say in the forums.

Comment from kucai on 13 December 2014 at 02:40

And also, please try to refrain changing hiway classification to trunk. Currently, we are trying to get an agreement of some sorts on what constitutes a trunk highway in Malaysia. See forum for discussions.

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