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1000th Changeset almost 4 years ago

I've long admired your excellently detailed work. Congrats on 1,000.

UserScript for #OpenStreetMap almost 5 years ago

Thanks for this, it's something that has always bugged me. It's probably not the solution for all users but for those of us who know their way around the site already or don't need those things, it adds some useful space. Great job.

OpenStreetPOIs almost 5 years ago

Yeah there's no consideration for multipolygons right now, it wouldn't be too difficult to add but unless I learn of some compelling reason I don't think I will. It's just that I'm more concerned with shop, amenity, leisure keys and simple features like that which aren't used with relations much. Do you know of any particular features that are tagged as such that might get missed?

The Great DC Parking Lot Cleanup of 2013 about 5 years ago

thanks dcp I'll look for more to fix.

jremillard, the mirrored_download plugin ( lets you download much larger areas from mirrored servers, faster, and you can specify exact tags

Correction: All CNMI TIGER data is in a sad state about 5 years ago

Just noticed your previous post, seems you're already on to that. Let me know if you'd like any help with anything.

Correction: All CNMI TIGER data is in a sad state about 5 years ago

I just looked over the islands around Guam and left a couple notes where there is work that can be done. Some of them are bad enough that I think an import of TIGER 2012 data would make more sense. It is much more accurate and not that big of an area, especially on Saipan.