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July 18, 2022

AWP Wood Products is a wholesaler of hardwood plywood and lumber as well as a manufacturer of millwork and moulding of the highest quality. In addition to its physical presence in Little Rock, Arkansas, the company also provides, an online catalogue for the custom cabinet industry. This platform provides “one-stop shopping” for each of our customers. Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, and Texas are among the states included in AWP’s distribution territories.

AWP works with industry-leading suppliers of lumber and plywood and purchases around 9 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually in order to supply its customers with the best products available. Regular acquisitions consist of hard and soft maple, poplar, FAS red oak, and 4/4 Northern and Appalachian KD wood. Approximately fifty containers of exotic lumber, fifty to seventy-five truckloads of medium-density fiberboard, and roughly five hundred truckloads of hardwood plywood are purchased annually by the company. It is also normal for AWP to acquire roughly 45 truckloads of gang-ripped Poplar and Red Oak blanks annually.

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