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Mapping sensitive sites over 2 years ago


Mapping sensitive sites over 2 years ago

There would be no reason to know such an address unless working for Social services in which case the obligation to discretion is both professional and obvious.

It is very unfortunate that there are people who need refuge services.

Yes, purposefully mapping such a place, intended as a discrete location, would be nefarious.

Mapping Baltimore City's Storm Drains over 2 years ago

I put my own diary entry up about my mapping Aberdeen’s under ground streams and may be saw that and made additions, with some very nice work. I think he used an available map I had’nt thought to use, for over tracing, I think an old OS map. I will try to remember that is available for next time.

I have significantly improved the Overpass query

Mapping sensitive sites over 2 years ago

That is an interesting response thank you.

I see you are in West Flanders, and as I reply I am remembering being in the shallows just off Ostende in a yacht in a gale. Shallows anywhere in heavy weather are not plesant.

Ostende itself was a very plesant experience. I’d certianly return.

Regards the ‘chemical plant’ which I think was later removed, I will leave things as they stand. Anyone who looks at the sattelite trace, at that location, or any other, can immediateley see which features / buildings are missing.

I had previously not thought about the moral aspect of mapping locations of refuge, becasue I have not yet knowingly mapped an area containing one.

It’s quite a thought though, even here in Scotland, that a building we innocently map, only with the intention of ‘filling up the map’ may contain a refuge.

Thankfully here, a refuge is generally well managed.

However in un-stabile locations and regions I agree, this would need careful thought.

I have not yet made any contributions to though I can see sensitivity would certianly / potentially be a consideration in making contributions such as refuges, etc.

SOTM 2020 notes #2 over 2 years ago

I’d be interested in your thoughts on mapping sensitive sites.

As you outline, the OSM community can reject contracted work, becasue for example, the sensitivity of the meaning of a tag / key in Africa vs it’s meaning in Asia.

Sensitivity can also be about strategic sites.

What do we do when we visit a location and unbeknown to us, a large site we are welcome at houses within it a large sensitive site the locals don’t want to talk about.

On such an occasion a fairly innocent question is “Hi, what is that right in front of us?”

It turned out to be, as far as I could gather, a chemicals plant, regarded as strategic, in a fairly unstable region.

Innocent questions as such seem to cause suspicion, though it is not aparent why, when your supposed to be welcome standing next to it !!

I’m fairly sure some of my edits, on that occasion, outlining that plant, were deleted, though how locals would connect “Hi, what is that over there” to OSM I do not know. Perhaps I innocently mentioned OSM at the time.

Mapping Baltimore City's Storm Drains over 2 years ago

This nice work reminds me of the somewhat and often buried burn, means stream in the Scots language, that flows through my home town of Aberdeen in Scotland.

It too flows underground in places where local people would be surprised to find it.

I intend to bring it back to local awareness at some point by mapping these hidden sections. I know more or less where it runs, from previous mapping, but have not yet had time to tag it and mark up all the hidden sections.

It too often flows through large culverts.

You can see where it dissapears under the city before it enters the harbour, with this overpass turbo query.

Paid Contributions: The Kernel vs The Map over 2 years ago

For me the main driver is that google could at any moment switch off google maps or make it a pay for service, say at £1/person/mth. I firmly believe ,maps should be a community resource owned by all that no one potentially has the power to switch off.

Paid Contributions: The Kernel vs The Map over 2 years ago

There’s countless other reasons to improve OSM. eg ability to see layered data, through, etc.

When folks are in the car looking for my house they get out google maps on the phone, because they don’t yet know about OSM, which is rapidly improving. It seems to me that the number of editors will skyrocket over the next few years, mostly community based and unpaid.

If anyone is looking for paid help with mapping I’m happy to help.

Anyways, today I finally got round to having a struggle with google about the location of my house in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, being in the wrong location. I had tried to feed back the correct location to them countless times through their google maps interface, and had never succeeded. So today I took the plunge and found a way to chat with someone at google via a chat link, and the experience was excruciating. Very helpful guy, but his google interface wouldn’t even let him receive an OSM link to show the exact, correct, location. His employer had blocked anything but google site links on their system. Embarrassing. I really felt for him. He also took ages to understand what I meant by the wrong location, though he was a really nice guy. I found the whole experience painful and eventually we resorted to email to slow things down so he could have a chance to work through it. May be he was a generalist and not a maps expert, who knows. As I said very helpful tho.

Where as in OSM all you do is fire up josm …