Mapper since: November 05, 2014

I am a designer who elaborated a concept that, by default, sets the Open Street Maps Community into the center of empowering our transition towards fairness for all.

It is only the first of a bundle of related projects ( Open Design Proposals) which allow us to co-empower a better future most effectively, supporting mostly local by social online tools, plus one for the “self”.

I have worked for decades ( for free) to elaborate the whole as serious designer. I saw we need it urgently but was not heard. Only since last year it is possible to talk about all aspects, which is necessary. Now i am ready to tell about the project(s) as artist.

I have not yet taken up contact to the Open Street Maps community, because the scope of the interdisciplinary approach i suggest needed to reach the “p2p-community” first.

I have accompanied the start project, “Co-Mapping Our Transition towards Fairness & Abundance For All & The Social Network We Truly Need”, meanwhile it has gained attraction, there is a pilot project in planning with, though i will not participate directly, it is still running as far as i know. The Transformap people are interested but i did not hear back from them yet, possibly because i am not in good flow with P2PF, i feel i have to clarify they are by effect, also if not wanted, a bottleneck for key designs. I urge they need to build a co-evaluation structure, a responsibility coming with the role they have created by their important work.

Else, the design proposal has been taken up into architecture lore short ofter this blog post:

…..but generally there are people needed to promote the project to all key stakeholders who need to find together to make it happen.

It would be wonderful if you like the project, think we need it and want to help to promote !

More information here #Module1