The Undo Expirience: Touching a Ghost-Node (TosmE)

Posted by -karlos- on 2 February 2013 in English (English)

TosmE tests touch gestures to edit a way. (to use with iD)

Last time I added a new way to delete a node: Touch it and stay on the node without move. Quite often, when I fine tunded existing nodes, my node was deleted unintended. Why? I broke my own rul: If something happends in the editor, show it! Now the running delete-time is visualized: after short, the nodes starts to change color form blue to black. You now know: If you don't want to delete, move or untouch.

Because the sight/loupe was empty after the node was deleted, I added a thin ring where the node had been. That immediately lead to the next idea: If you accidently deletet a node, what would you like to do? Undo. What if you see the ring? Save it, touch it, restore it! Right, try it, you'l love it:

At last I love it as the most enjoyable way to undo.

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