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Footway or Abandoned Railway? 3 months ago

All right, thank you!

Give me advices 7 months ago

Dear Gowin, Sorry to my late reply. The reason why I use analogue tools is that it costs quite much if I use maps outside. I have already had Vespucci, so I am going to edit by it home. I did not know fieldpapers and interested in it. Thanks for introducing and your advice! I will surely make OSM better though what I can is little things!

Editting on a smartphone 8 months ago

I began to use Vespucci. How easy to edit it is …! Cheers, Mr/Ms Gileri!

スマホからの記述 8 months ago

Dear Mr/Ms Danieldegroot2 Thank you for helping. I had been using iD, but according to another’s suggestion, I decided to use Vespucci. On the app there is no problem.