(Sorry for the delay in posting. I spent most of July 2022 on holiday in Australia)

  • Mapping
    • Livnig in Germany, I’m used to lots being mapped. In Australia there was so much to map!
      • I got to rank #151 in Australia (🐦 🐘) just from my day to day mapping.
      • To my shame, I did use Google Maps. There was so much missing PoIs from OSM.
    • A shop (which I spent a lot of money in) was selling dresses with “he/they” pronoun badge, and I wondered if clothes=women still applied 🐘 🐦. 🤣
  • OSMF Board
    • Board Meeting, July 2022 Board Meeting
      • I had just retured from Aus, and the postponed community presentation from Mapbox Workers Union was interesting.
      • It was interesting to find out that the Mapbox management hadn’t put any direct or explicit pressure on employees to vote a certain way at OSMF Board elections
      • Lots of Mapbox based maps don’t show OSM Attribution, and it was interesting to find that the union had tried to change that internally.
    • I didn’t go to the 2022-07 mid month chat because I was away in Australia (timezones!).
    • I started the wiki page for the board AMA at SotM 2022
  • Community
  • CWG
    • Freebies / Promotional Material Programme
      • I’ve been so bad with this lately, I’m sorry. I have requests from months ago that haven’t been sent out.
    • Instagram still posting there
    • Pinterest haven’t posted there as much lately.


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