• Mapping
    • someone finished the River Modernisation for Germany. I was slowly fixing them up in Baden-Würrttemberg. It looks like I’ll have to do some other things
  • Hacking
  • OSMF Board
    • Screen2Screen 2 day meeting 2022Q1
      • Times were weird. For me: 16:00→00:00 on Sat and then 09:00→~14:00 the next day. So I had the day free, then busy the whole evening, and soon as it was over, straight to bed to try to sleep to get up in a few hours. It threw the vibe off IMO.
      • We had a long and convoluted conversation about the wording we’re gonna do for the membership pre-requisites vote
      • There was some good conversations about updating the board CoI rules, about trying to reduce the board workload, about how we’re gonna encourage people to run for the board
      • My diary entries like this were mentioned. It’s nice to know people appreciate it.
    • Local Chapters
    • Board Meeting
      • Gave updates like this entry, nothing else from me
    • Moving OSMF out of UK
      • An OSMer was asking me about this, so I provided information
    • Richard Fairhurt noticed bad advice from Strava suggesting deleting things in OSM. I tried to get in touch with Strava, but thankfully they have fixed it before I could follow the trail of “oh I don’t work there, talk to $NAME”. But I did make some tweet.
  • CWG

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Comment from Nordpfeil on 25 March 2022 at 20:28

Hallo Amanda, leider lassen sich Deine Beiträge für das weeklyOSM nicht automatisch in andere Sprachen übersetzen. Ob das an Deinem Usernamen liegt?

Comment from Nordpfeil on 26 March 2022 at 10:06

Thank You for Your reply.

In weeklyOSM we use the following links for automatic translations (Google is as we know the only free of charge option for our readers) to our 12 different languages wherever possible.

For example this is the link to read your blog in the German “Wochennotiz”:

When I use this link I get an error message in all my browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Chromium).

Best regards Peter

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