• Over the course of June, I came out 🏳️‍⚧️. 😊😊 Everyone’s been really great about it. In OSM, we map things as they really are, regardless of how they were used in the past, or what the government assigned it at the start. But, you know how much work is involved in deprecating a previously used tagging scheme. You need to find all data users, and update them to the new scheme.

  • CWG
  • Debugged an issue why someone couldn’t post to the diversity-talk@ list (which I co-mod)
  • OSMF Board
    • Possible relocation of OSMF from the UK
      • Ireland?
        • ½hr phone call with Irish lawyer about Irish legal structure
      • Advisory board
        • email AB to ask if can move to your country
        • emailed AB about what type of corporate structure would help them give us money.
    • Attribution Guidelines
      • email osmf-talk & board@ to tell them
    • Bank account
      • posted signed forms to again
    • Advisory Board Meeting
      • created doodle & emailed AB
    • trademark grant request (OpenSnowMap)
      • Recieved, but we probably need a board resolution


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