My October 2020 in OSM

Here’s some of the things I’ve been doing in OpenStreetMap in October 2020.

  • Mapping
    • Continued my daily mapping. I’ve been using StreetComplete to add & update opening_hours data. It’s surprising how many shop’s opening hours has changed, an hour here, and hour there. It also gets me out of the house because of lock down.
      • 13% of my edits are now StreetComplete
  • Hacking (Can’t do much with one hand)
    • There was a video chat about vectortiles on, which I attended.
    • I suggested another anti-spam technique for Telegram groups, to complimemt the federated spam blocks on OSM Telegram groups, specifically, requiring one has an OSM account.
  • CWG
    • Posted some OSM stickers to Switzerland.
    • Some suggested a German translation of the I ♥ OpenStreetMap sticker. I need to order some of them.
    • The CWG had a long overdue meeting, where we talked about CoIs, editorial policies, and some possible new CWG members
  • Board

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(For those curious, my bicycle injury (a fractured collarbone), is practically healed. I can use both my arms! The physiotherapy is helping.)

Comment from RicoElectrico on 16 November 2020 at 17:38

They had some feedback about the draft Attribution Guidelines, since it would require them to do more than they do now.

And they should do more! I had an impression that people don’t take Nuno Caldeira seriously. But even given his exaggeration he’s got a point. Maybe our corporate sponsors think their deep pockets solve the issue.

Here’s a thought why it may be crucial to acquire new mappers: (We’re not a SaaS obviously, but it holds anyway).

Besides, does the above feedback create a conflict of interest?

Comment from DeBigC on 17 November 2020 at 00:31

You had one helluva month Rory! Anyway, to give you full credit you made several useful contributions to #osmIRL_buildings and helped your birth country’s mapping effort.

It is nice to see more chapters coming into effect, when normality eventually returns to this planet and we can meet face to face chapters are the way to go in terms of organizing meetings. I assume everyone is going to be sick of zooms and hangouts soon :)

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