My June 2020 in OSM

  • OSMF Board
    • Continued work on version 2 of the OSMF Local Chapters Agreement, posted to osmf-talk@ & engaged with the discussion & in person discussions
    • Drafted reply to complaints about the recent trademark grant to Cesium. Did an internal board poll.
    • New Attribution Guidelines are being worked on, so we had a call with some corporate members of the OSMF.
    • The OSMF & HOT wants to work better together
      • We had a board to board chat to catch up. Nothing to report, just a catch up
      • HOT’s name uses the OSMF’s trademark and they suggested a contract to cover that, they proposed something, we edited it, and send it back. The beurocracy continues.
  • LGBTQ mapping
    • Watched the mapbeks webinar. It was aimed at a lower level of knowledge than I have, so I didn’t learn much. Since they switched in & out of English, I was only able to follow half of it 😆
    • Discovered Qiekub, a map display LGBTQ places in OSM.
  • Communications WG
  • Mapping
  • Programming
    • Continued to work on my side project to help with vandalism

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