My February 2020 in OSM. (sorry it’s a little delayed)

  • Community
  • Mapping. I continued to help the Irish building mapping project. Data quality is important, so I cleaned up tagging of cuisine=fish_and_chips. While outside, I try to map if I can, such as added benches (etc) while hiking.

  • CWG / Swag / Promotional Materials Programme
  • OSMF
    • OSMF Feb 2020 board meeting
      • took a long time due to a long treasurer report
    • boring paperwork for f2f (Bank stuff)
    • Noticing that the contract for our admin assistant was due to expire at the end of the month, we voted to extend it for another 12 months. Seeing that the rate had been the same since the start, we suggested she charge us a little more due to inflation. That all went ahead and a new rate was mutally agreed and the contract adjusted.
  • Using OSM
    • I played with generating maps showing statistical distribution of OSM data. I made some maps the make maps of cuisine tag in Europe. This is all gdal hacks & Makefiles, I haven’t (yet) released that code.
  • Hacking
    • To make these maps of OSM, I didn’t find any good heatmap command line programme. So I created sheatmap to do that. Surprisingly gdal doesn’t do it.
    • Learned lots about how to do things with gdal, and work with OSM data. Alas I haven’t released or published any of that yet.

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