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(In April, I was not as active as before with OSM(F) stuff, because there was water damage in my flat, which was very stressful & time consuming to solve)


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  1. not them 

  • Mapping
    • Continued to map regularly. However I’m starting to slip. I’m not mapping every day like I used to.
    • StreetComplete’s new AR camera encouraged me to upgrade my Fairphone 3+ to a OnePlus 8T. It’s great!
  • Hacking
  • OSMF Board
    • No response from the moderation subcommittee of the board’s info request yet. Board will do that work.
    • Local Chapters
    • Board Meeting
      • Er can’t really rememeber, check the minutes
    • Tried to fix the matrix ⇄ IRC bridge but couldn’t do it 🐘 🐦
    • Board Conflict of Interest Policy
      • We’ve been talking for a few years about improving the OSMF Board CoI rules, and have updated it to disallow Board members from speaking on a topic.
      • This amendment was passed at the March 2022 Board meeting
      • Since my employer offers paid tileserver, I have a Conflict of Interest on the topic of attributing OSM data, so I’m not allowed to talk publically about attribution while I’m on the board. Sorry folks, but you’ll have to ask other people. 🙂
    • Advisory Board
      • Started a poll to schedule the next OSMF Board & AB meeting date
      • We’ve updated our rules to allow LCs to sign a group email address to the AB list.
    • Bank account
      • We need to add the new Treasurer (Roland) to the bank account. Since I helped set up the bank account, and it’s in my home country of Ireland, I have helped with the paperwork for this
      • Paperwork is, as always, a PITA
    • Take over protection
    • OSMF Files.
  • OSMF Membership Working Group
    • whoops haven’t done anything here this month
  • CWG
    • Promotional Material Programme
    • OSM Instagram @openstreetmap did ~4 posts in March
    • OSM Pinterest continued posting in March
    • Mastodon, about 15 new users, and 55 regular users this month
    • Circular Logo
      • The OSM logo is quite square, and many social media platforms use circular logos.
      • The logo is under an open copyright licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0), it is an OSMF trademark and subject to OSMF’s relatively permissive Trademark Policy.
      • People make new versions of the logo & upload to the OSM wiki all the time
      • At the CWG meeting. I mentioned my desire for a circular logo, and a new CWG member said they’d have a look at it. They’ve sent a logo, but I haven’t properly looked at it
    • Meetings
      • I atteneded a montly CWG meeting, but mostly I just reported on what’s above.
    • Discourse
      • Tweet & Masto/Fedi post about led to some feedback & Qs
      • I’ve been posting a little bit on it, but the server is still new, so it’s hard to tell if it will take off or not. Regardless, new things are worth trying. Sometimes one has to not devote all one’s time to OSM!
      • I posted about this to the talk@ mailing list
  • SotM 2022
    • I’ve offered to make stickers for SotM 2022 since they have choosen a logo for SotM, they appear receptive.

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The OSM community in Ireland is engaged in another multi-year mapping project, to map all the buildings in Ireland.

By March 2022, there were over 2,000,000 buildings. Which caused someone to ask “What was the 2,000,000th building?”. So who added #2,000,000? 🥁 drumroll…

The 2,000,000th Building was added by Boggedy on 1st March 2022, and is in An Bhealtaine Íochtarach, Gort a’ Choirce, Co. Dhún na nGall! Technical OSM details: It’s way 1,036,394,489, added in changeset 117,996,721.

Here’s other milestones:

datetime rank changeset_id changeset_url osmtype osmid object_url
2018-01-08 10:31:43 500000 55260556 way 551628233
2020-02-13 23:54:27 1000000 80979131 way 772271829
2021-02-14 22:04:19 1500000 99268589 way 907155474
2022-03-01 22:14:16 2000000 117996721 way 1036394489


If you want to calculate this data yourself:

The second 2,000,000th building

Observant people might notice a strange way the 2,000,000th building was calculated. Because shortly after we hit 2,000,000, someone removed a building tag from something, bringing us under two mill. Within a few hours, Boggedy had continued mapping and added more buidlings, including another bringing our total above 2,000,000 again.

The progress aobve & below 2,000,000 is visible in the two-million-track.csv which generates.


  • “Ireland” here refers to the island of Ireland
  • Only OSM way & relations are analyzed, not nodes
  • Sometime OSM data is “redacted”, and removed from the history, so it’s techncially possible for someone to have added some others. The goal of this is for fun, nothing too serious.
    • In Sept 2012 changed it’s licence to the current ODbL. Some people didn’t agree to this change (or were uncontactable)
    • Copyright infringing edits are also redacted (because OSM doesn’t have permission to distribute that data)
  • This code in the github is copyright 2022 ©, released under the Affero GNU GPL v3+, cf. LICENCE
  • This contains data © OpenStreetMap, released under the ODbL licence.

See also

  • Mapping
    • someone finished the River Modernisation for Germany. I was slowly fixing them up in Baden-Würrttemberg. It looks like I’ll have to do some other things
  • Hacking
  • OSMF Board
    • Screen2Screen 2 day meeting 2022Q1
      • Times were weird. For me: 16:00→00:00 on Sat and then 09:00→~14:00 the next day. So I had the day free, then busy the whole evening, and soon as it was over, straight to bed to try to sleep to get up in a few hours. It threw the vibe off IMO.
      • We had a long and convoluted conversation about the wording we’re gonna do for the membership pre-requisites vote
      • There was some good conversations about updating the board CoI rules, about trying to reduce the board workload, about how we’re gonna encourage people to run for the board
      • My diary entries like this were mentioned. It’s nice to know people appreciate it.
    • Local Chapters
    • Board Meeting
      • Gave updates like this entry, nothing else from me
    • Moving OSMF out of UK
      • An OSMer was asking me about this, so I provided information
    • Richard Fairhurt noticed bad advice from Strava suggesting deleting things in OSM. I tried to get in touch with Strava, but thankfully they have fixed it before I could follow the trail of “oh I don’t work there, talk to $NAME”. But I did make some tweet.
  • CWG

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What I did in OpenStreetMap in January 2022

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🐘 fediverse/mastodon microblog: (rss) (& 🐦 twitter: @lalonde)

Recently someone asked how to find OSM users who’ve left a changeset comment, but have not edited themselves. (Technically the initial challenge was for a one line bash script 😉).

Here’s how to do it.

In OpenStreetMap, people can change their username, but OSM data provides an unchanging numeric user id (uid) for users, which we use here.

First download the dump file, from the OpenStreetMap data download serivce ( ⁽¹⁾.

aria2c --seed-time=0

This will download discussions-YYMMDD.osm.bz2⁽²⁾, which is currently about 5 GiB.

I had to write a new tool, anglosaxon to easily parse large XML files like this into a TSV file format⁽³⁾. This programme works on all XML files, maybe it’s useful for other problems you might have. Install that first.

bzcat discussions-220110.osm.bz2 \
  | anglosaxon \
   -S -o changeset_id --tab -o changeset_uid --tab -o comment_uid --nl \
   -s comment -v ../../id --tab -V ../../uid NO_CHANGESET_UID --tab -V uid NO_COMMENT_UID  --nl \
   | gzip > changeset-comments.tsv.gz

This took about 45 minutes to run on my machine, and the output is about 4 MiB (19 MiB uncompressed), and has about 805,000 lines. This step takes the longest.

We create the list of all uids who have opened a changeset:

zcat changeset-comments.tsv.gz | cut -f2 |uniq|sort |uniq > changeset-uids.tsv

Then a list of all uids who have left a changeset comment:

zcat changeset-comments.tsv.gz | cut -f3 |uniq|sort|uniq > comment-uids.tsv

Then we compare, what’s in one but not the other.

comm -13 changeset-uids.tsv comment-uids.tsv |sort -n > uids-comment-without-changeset.tsv

Et voilà! Sin é! And there’s your results. 🙂 The file is 29 KiB, and has ~3,500 entries. I’m surprised it’s so high.⁽⁴⁾

You can find all the changesets that a uid has commented on with this command, (replace UID with the uid)

zcat changeset-comments.tsv.gz | grep -P "\tUID$" | cut -f1

e.g. the comments that uid 23770⁽⁵⁾ has commented on:

zcat changeset-comments.tsv.gz | grep -P "\t23770$" | cut -f1

The OSM API has several methods to get details on an OSM user, e.g.:

curl ""

⁽¹⁾ Here we use aria2c which will do a regular web/HTTP download, and also use BitTorrent P2P decentralized downloads in addition. --seed-time=0 stops aria2c when the file is fully downloaded, rather than sharing/seeding the file forever over BitTorrent

⁽²⁾ YYMMDD is the year, month & date that the data was created

⁽³⁾ tab separated values, like CSV, but with tabs

⁽⁴⁾ If you’re curious of how to do that on one line using bash(1)’s Proccess Substitution:

comm -13 <(cut -f2 changeset-comments.tsv |uniq|sort|uniq) <(cut -f3 changeset-comments.tsv |uniq|sort|uniq) | sort -n > uids-comment-without-changeset.tsv

⁽⁵⁾ My user id

What I did in OpenStreetMap in December 2021

Posted by ᚛ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ᚜ 🏳️‍🌈 on 5 January 2022 in English (English). Last updated on 6 January 2022.

What I did in OpenStreetMap in December 2021

  • I got a mappy jewellery box 🐦 🐘.
  • I found a kids puzzle book with a map page, which uses OSM, and makes sure to tell people about OSM. 🐦 🐘
  • Mapping
    • Danube
      • As part of river modernization process, I was working on the Danube. I saw that a stretch was marked as an “intermittant river” (intermittant=yes), with the surface marked as “gravel”. and I thought it was a tagging mistake, so I “fixed” it. But, that part of the Danube is actually intermittant! There’s a stretch (the Danube Sinkhole) where the river sometimes sinks into the riverbed and goes underground.
  • Hacking
  • OSMF Board
    • AGM
    • December board meeting
      • We organised a short board meeting after the annual general meeting to elect board officers
      • Alas, Allan decided not to re-run for the board, so we needed a new chair. I’m glad Guillaume stepped up. Our new board member Roland agreed to be Treasurer. I volunteered to be Secretary again.
      • EG passed, but depends on board affirming the mods. I voted in favour.
      • I don’t think “edit count” should be included up there with racism etc. That amendment failed.
      • I didn’t have enough time to read Guillaume’s longer amendment, so I (& no-one else) seconded it.
      • We also voted for a “board circular break” over the Christmas/New Year period. It’s been nice to be able to ignore things.
    • Advisory Board
      • A Microsoft repo told us they used OSM in Bing Maps in Australia. But someone else noticed places of difference (e.g. OSM, Bing)
      • I asked about this, and was told MS uses OSM for Bing base map (roads, buildings, etc), but the PoIs come form a local team and a separate layer and is aggregated from many sources.
      • That sort of approach to OSM usage is unfortunately common. Eventually OSM will have the best PoI coverage.
  • CWG
    • Stickers
      • Posted envelopes to 3 × UK, SE, 3 × ES, 3 × US, 3 × DE, PL
      • I got a sheet of stickers to print onto. I want to stream line & optimize this more.

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What I did in OpenStreetMap in November 2021

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🐘 fediverse/mastodon microblog: rss (& 🐦 twitter @lalonde)

Hi 👋, I’m Amanda McCann, I’m an current OSMF Board Member, and I’d like you to vote №1 to re-elect me to the OSMF Board. 🙂 Here’s my manifesto.

So who am I?

I’m a (craft) mapper. I’ve loved maps for a long time, and hence was drawn to OSM. I try to edit every day, and I’m doing pretty well that way. hdyc tells me I have mapped 2,700 days. For the last several years, I have mapped for 300+ days per year. I love the term “craft mapper”. I view my mapping contributors to OSM with pride, like a craftsperson of old would look at their work.

We must remember what’s important. If you don’t like maps, what are you even doing here? A board member that keeps mapping will be more aware of what most OSMers are experiencing, and will have insight into what is important, what’s easy, what’s hard, for lots of OSMers. That will make them a better OSMF Board members. OTOH I do lots of contributions which cannot be included in my OSM edit count.

I’m a hacker. I’ve been using linux for 15+ years. I’m a free software programmer. Computers & the internet are wonderful tools for the good in the world. We can use them to make our lives & our society better. You should be able to understand the computing machines around you, and to control them and make them better. In my day job I’m a regular sysadmin for the small OSM consultancy company Geofabrik, so I’ve installed lots of OpenStreetMap software & map styles. I’m pretty good at writing bash scripts, and I can write long PostgreSQL queries to work with your OSM data.

I’m a queer trans woman. I came out as trans & transitioned in mid-2021. (So you might see references to my old name, which started with “R”). Everyone in OSM has been wonderfully supportive about this. Honestly, it’s surreal how anti-climactic it has been in the OSM space. OSM is pretty cool. I founded the RainbOSM telegram group. for LGBTQ+ people & allies in OSM. I guess sometimes OSMers can adjust to a new tagging scheme quickly.

I don’t like “leadership” or “hierachy”. I think all OSMers are equal. While there are issues with the term “do-ocracy” in practice, the theory is very good. If you do the work, you have a right to decide how that work is done. If you don’t do the work, you don’t get to make decisions for other people. This is important for the OSMF Board. There are no legions of OSMF employees who will implement your clever policies. If you come up with an idea, you have to implement it yourself. Roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself, and organise with other OSMers to help you do things together. All well meaning OSMers should feel empowered to make OSM better.

The OSMF has a duty to “support the OSM project”. I view a board member’s role like a gardener, or forester; caring for & tending to the garden/forest. But unable to “direct” it explicitly. I don’t think you can tell a tree how to grow. OSMF should try to provide material support when needed (e.g. “hosting” SotM, which gives people a chance to talk about tagging issues, and hosting mailing lists for this discussion are 2 ways of doing that). A gardener has to weed the garden, and buy fertilizer. You can plant certain things, and see if they grow. That’s how I view being on the board of directors.

I’m on the Communication Working Group, and am responsible for the OSM sticker programme. I also set up the En.OSM.Town Fediverse/Mastodon server.

I’ve been on the board for 2 years now. I’ve attended nearly every meeting we’ve had, and I’ve written 11,000 words on my OSM diary of what I do in OSM every month. I try to ensure the OSMF operates transparently, and properly by following our Rules of Order, and ensuring board members get a vote on things. I think this is good for the Foundation.

If you re-elect me, I’ll keep doing that sort of work for OSMF. You can find me on twitter @lalonde mastodon, IRC (am{ap}anda on OFTC), a.mᵃᵖ.anda (or a.mᵃᵖ.thonk) on Discord. If you want to talk anymore, just find me there, or email me:

This is copied from the OSMF AGM page with all manifestos, where you can also read all my answers to the official curated questions.

What I did in OpenStreetMap in October 2021

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What I did in OpenStreetMap in September 2021

(I was on holidays for a few weeks in September)

  • Mapping
    • I can’t remember for sure. Since I was travelling outside Germany, I was able to add lots of things that are all done in England. Thank the gods for StreetComplete. I really think it’s wonderful.
    • I was able to do some micromapping with vespucci fedi post, tweet
  • OSMF Board
    • Our bookkeeper needed my new address & IBAN to pay me expenses I incurred doing CWG stuff
    • Filed expense account for the payment, and filled in the OSMF board internal wiki page, and then posted on Mastodon/fediverse
    • WeeklyOSM № 579 says “at present announcements of upcoming meetings are being made within a week of the meeting, so it is not possible for us to announce them accordingly”. I got in touch, and tried to explain that we only finalize the agenda 7 days before the meeting. The dates are announced well in advance
    • I posted a status update on board decision re: ToU on osm-website github
    • Sept Board meeting, ensured the LCCWG mod subcttee were aware.
    • SotM & “illegal to be gay”
      • Emailed board to say SotM OC & HOT Board, and talked at the Sept. mid-month chat
    • HOT Trademark grant, emailed LWG to confirm they want a new call
    • Since I’ve changed my name, I had to upload a new signature
    • Local Chapters
      • seav is going to help with upgrading Local Chapters to the new Local Chapters Agreement
    • EU Transparency Reg: logged in with reset password & updated details
    • AGM
      • Emailed Michael Collinson if he’d want to do the Q&A facilitation again
      • Thomas__ made new graphs of OSMF membership numbers, I updated the wiki page
      • emailed osmf-talk to remind them about resolutions
    • Replied to email from a company about trademarks
    • Talked to 2 people to run for the board
    • Attented 2 × 1 hour calls from mod subcttee
    • Since I was travelling, I missed the Sept 2021 OSMF Board meeting.
  • CWG
  • Sept 2021 Karlsruhe hack weekend
    • First hack weekend in 1½ years (due to corona)
    • It was great to see many people again. Alas we had to keep the numbers small.
    • I talked to xamanu who’s been doing lots of good work with making proper, modern Debian packages for lots of OSM software like mod_tile or Tirex.
    • I attempted to fix mod_tile bug #188 which I have encountered a few times. I haven’t made much progress, but it was fun to get down and dirty with poking an apache module in C.

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What I did in OpenStreetMap in August 2021

Posted by ᚛ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ᚜ 🏳️‍🌈 on 6 September 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 7 September 2021.

What I did in OpenStreetMap in August 2021

  • Mapping
  • Hacking
  • Communication WG
    • Posted an envelope to Iran & USA
  • OSMF Board
    • Active Contributor Programme, 2021/Res27, 2021/Res28
    • OSMF supporting Mastodon
      • I’ve been running & paying for Mastodon server for 2+ years (see my diary entry from July 2018). I thought it’s time for the OSMF to support this
      • The FOSS Policy Special Committee recommended to the Board that the OSMF endorse this service.
      • I initially proposed (2021/Res25) that the OSMF refund me for the €415 I had paid over the last few years.
      • I want to see a world where people in OSM start ideas like this, start trying to things which help OSM, even if it costs the person money. Maybe some of those ideas work, maybe they don’t. I think if an idea, like the mastodon server works, then it should be (financially) supported by the OSMF. If someone spends money on something that doesn’t work, that flops, then the OSMF shouldn’t pay for that at all.
      • I am able to afford the money I spent on this. But some people would not be able to afford it. That means that certain experimentation in OSM is not possble for some people. I don’t like that. I think if you take a gamble (with your money) to improve OSM and it’s not a failure, then it’s fair for OSMF to “pay you back” for what you paid.
      • However I didn’t discuss this idea with the rest of the OSMF before starting the poll (I had obviously discussed the idea of OSMF funding it). And my idea did catch some people off guard, so they voted it down, and some board members wanted to see what the CWG thought.
      • I organised a ran a poll of the CWG on this, and they unanimously agreed to recommend the Board fund this (4 yes votes, 2 CoI based abstainations (incl. me)).
      • I started a new board resolution (2021/Res29), which passed
      • Sign up here
      • Follow me on Mastodon/Fediverse:
      • To set it up, I emailed to change to yearly (from montly) billing.
    • Advisory Board
      • The board met with the AB on 10th August 2021
        • Unfortunately, despite asking the AB, they didn’t add any agenda items before the meeting
        • Update on hiring our SSRE & iD employees
        • Asked people to apply to join the EWG & to fresh out the OSMF Strategy Plan.
        • We talked about whether the OSMF should publish archives of the AB list
        • Mentioned the AGM in Dec 2021
        • Update on the OSMF “diversity” work
        • We recommended why one should run for the OSMF Board
        • There were about a dozen people there, nearly all Local Chapter representatives
      • Emailed the AB list & osmf-talk@ to remind people
      • Afterward, set up a poll for the next meeting in November
    • HOT Trademark grant
      • This is taking a while, I raised this at the mid month chat
      • As courtsey, I emailed the HOT board to tell them we haven’t forgotten that.
    • Attribution Guidelines
      • The Board asked the LWG to help guide big data consumers move into compliance with that, and I emailed them check up.
    • EU Transparency Portal
      • I got forwarded an email that we need to update our entry. Then it’s all about finding the right people to talk to (I can’t log in)
    • 🏳️‍🌈

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What I did in OpenStreetMap in July 2021

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  • Over the course of June, I came out 🏳️‍⚧️. 😊😊 Everyone’s been really great about it. In OSM, we map things as they really are, regardless of how they were used in the past, or what the government assigned it at the start. But, you know how much work is involved in deprecating a previously used tagging scheme. You need to find all data users, and update them to the new scheme.

  • CWG
  • Debugged an issue why someone couldn’t post to the diversity-talk@ list (which I co-mod)
  • OSMF Board
    • Possible relocation of OSMF from the UK
      • Ireland?
        • ½hr phone call with Irish lawyer about Irish legal structure
      • Advisory board
        • email AB to ask if can move to your country
        • emailed AB about what type of corporate structure would help them give us money.
    • Attribution Guidelines
      • email osmf-talk & board@ to tell them
    • Bank account
      • posted signed forms to again
    • Advisory Board Meeting
      • created doodle & emailed AB
    • trademark grant request (OpenSnowMap)
      • Recieved, but we probably need a board resolution


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My May 2021 in OSM

(Sorry for the delay, I’ll try to catch up, which might result in less detail for this month)


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My April 2021 in OSM

(Sorry for the delay, I’ll try to catch up, which might result in less detail for this month)


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Diana Ross' 1980 hit

Posted by ᚛ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ᚜ 🏳️‍🌈 on 27 June 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 28 June 2021.

Just for the record (because I’m telling everyone), I’m transgender! 🙂 I’m transitioning to live openly and honestly as myself, as a woman now. 🙂 (To my LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 friends, I’m simplifying for the cis 😉) My name is Amanda McCann, and for pronouns they/them is fine, but she/her is nice. Auf deutsch, meine Pronomen sind „sie“.

My old email addresses will still work, but is my personal email address, and for OSMF Board matters.

On github, I’m amandasaurus on github, Amᵃᵖanda on the OpenStreetMap Wiki, and @Amanda#2524 on Discord, am{ap}anda on IRC

Like always, I am open to good faith questions from OSMers on LGBTQ issues. If there’s a question you’ve always been afraid to ask, you can ask below as a comment, or email me. 🙂

Don’t forget one of the rules of OSM: Have Fun! 🏳️‍⚧️

My March 2021 in OSM

Posted by ᚛ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ᚜ 🏳️‍🌈 on 17 June 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 22 June 2021.

My March 2021 in OSM

sorry for the delay

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There is a place=city_block called New York (node 3,495,330,515) in Sweden (rel. 52,822) (admin_level=2), and there is a place=hamlet called Sweden (node 151,467,606) in Arkansas (rel. 161,646) (admin_level=4), and there is a place=hamlet called Arkansas (node 157,545,126) in West Virginia (rel. 162,068) (admin_level=4). That’s a chain of 3 places. I wonder how many there are in OSM… 🤔

I wrote a programme (osm-longest-place-boundary-includes) to look for long chains like this. I will leave my results in a comment on this, but before you look, guess at how long it will be. 😉