My December 2020 in OSM

Posted by ᚛ᚏᚒᚐᚔᚏᚔᚋ᚜ 🏳️‍🌈 on 9 February 2021 in English (English).
  • Mapping
    • Coninuted to map every day, although hdyc might show a gap, it’s cause I count edits after midnight as part of the day.
  • CWG
  • LCCWG moderation subcttee/CoC
    • Minor beurocracy
  • Board
    • Board Meeting
      • December Board meeting. It was the last with my 2 friends Paul Norman & Joost Schouppe. Obviously it won’t be the last time I talk to them. 🙂
      • Post-AGM Board meeting, where I was elected OSMF Secretary
    • A Local Chapter complained that the Bing imagery had gotten worse. I contacted Microsoft to see if there was anything up. At the time of writing, nothing has happened
    • Attribution Guidelines
    • HOT & OSMF Board
      • Another draft of the proposed trademark grant
      • Started organising a meeting between OSMF & HOT Boards.
    • AGM
      • Prep: Review’ed Allan’s chairperson report
      • [⚠ Discussion on sexual assault ⚠] I wanted to stay out of the [Election to the Board], but I had to reply to a misogynistic email: My email reply, also on Fediverse/Mastodon (mirrored to the birdsite)
      • Actually went to AGM
    • Local Chapters
      • Reviewed the AoA & finances for the OSM Poland application
      • Reviewed AoA for OSM Japan application & power of attorney document
      • There’s a suggestion to document better what’s involved in a local chapter application, and a draft has been started.
    • I started arranging the traditional OSMF Board Screen2Screen weekend meeting for February 2021
    • As the new OSMF Secretary, I tried to set up the framagenda, and had to send copies of signature.

(Yes this is delayed too. 😛)

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