My May 2020 in OSM

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My May 2020 in OSM

(Yes I know I’m posting this in late June. I’m sorry I’m so late. Been a bit all over the place lately)

  • Mapping
    • Lots of regular building mapping. As usual. Slowly chugging through mapping buildings in Dublin, where I’m from. Eventually we’ll have all the buildings in Ireland mapped
  • Coding
  • Community
  • Board
    • Local Chapters: I continued to help out with this.
      • Oceania (OSGeo Oceania)
        • Lots of work to contact active mappers in the area to ask about OSGeo
          • OSM Msg’ed 27 active mappers in the area. 3 approvals, 1 disapproval, 1 don’t care, the rest no reply
          • Posted to #australia channel on OSMUS’s Slack server. No reply
          • Contacted OSGeo Pacific Islands, they approve
      • OSM US
        • Working on the v2 Local Chapter Agreement. Talked to our corporate counsel about it, a few emails back and forth.
      • Argentia
        • Contacted mapper who expressed concern if they’d like to help find evidence. No reply
    • Board Meeting on 21st.
    • Properly signed all the contracts & confirm paid for our BigBlueButton video chat server
    • OSMF’s Corporate Members
      • The board & some corporate members had an introductory call, to try to work better together
      • Cesium applied for & got a trademark grant
    • Fee Waiver stuff
      • Contacted the OSMF’s corporate counsel to check if we can give (normal) membership for the fee waiver, rather than the current associate membership. Yes we can
    • Microgrants
      • Looked into this a little internally to board

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