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Reykjavík, Iceland to commission a cyclemap based on OpenStreetMap data + potential data donation about 12 years ago

@stevage Hopefully yeah, but that's way beyond the discussion we're in now. We'll see how any site that gets set up will look like, and how the tooling around it will work.

Resignation in protest over 12 years ago

Richard: We probably have as many "aim[s] of OSM" as we have contributors. With the transition to the ODbL one of the byproducts of OSM, which is that if you make a rendering using our map data it has to be freely licensed too, is going away.

You and I may agree that that's a good thing. But contributors who've become accustomed to being able to survey data *and* be guaranteed to use any renderings of that data under the CC-BY-SA (as has been the case until now) might not like the new terms.

Non-legalese version of the contributor terms over 12 years ago

I've fixed the typo, thanks. Maybe there should be a choice of license, but that's not what the terms themselves offer. You either accept them as-is or you can't sign up.

The OpenStreetMap website now links to Key:* and Tag:* pages on the wiki over 12 years ago

I thought I'd add support for wikipedia=* links as well (not yet live).

@JohnSmith: Yeah Pumba :)

@amm: Yeah. It would just be neat if there was more integration between them. I've also found that Tagwatch is really slow today, the OpenStreetMap wiki is probably a better default target.

The OpenStreetMap website now links to Key:* and Tag:* pages on the wiki over 12 years ago

@JohnSmith: The problem with that is that it's not easy to tell what values deserve wiki pages. Does name:en? Maybe, does 2010 Fimmvörðuháls eruption? Definitely not.

I guess we could combine it with something like tagstat and only link to missing key/values that are really popular. Is there a dump of it available somewhere?

@Richard: Tagging is a mess. What I was aiming for was the "what does this value mean" case, not just statistics about it. If someone makes a tool that includes both that would be awesome & we could link to that.

We could also link to both if we could do so unobtrusively.

I've added Icelandic names for all the capitals in the world almost 13 years ago

You mean automatically fill in Arabic capital names? They're only around ~300 so I just manually filled them in, it took less time than it would have to write a program to do it.

موقع خريطة الشارع المفتوح بالعربية almost 13 years ago

That's great, Arabic is a major language but we haven't had a complete translation of it until now. Thanks for working on this.

Countering Google's propaganda almost 13 years ago

If you're trying to counter propaganda it always helps not to introduce some more of it in the process.

Google's Map Maker Competition isn't "fraud" nor are people who use Map Maker "[giving] away their souls". It's made perfectly clear to everyone using Map Maker what they're signing up for and in some cases using Map Maker is a much better use of your time (at least in the short term) than using OpenStreetMap.

Make sure that the source mentions a date almost 13 years ago

@RichardB: The point isn't that one trace is more reliable than any other, but supplying information about what traces you used for reference when making an edit.

Make sure that the source mentions a date almost 13 years ago

Just upload the trace and add a tag to the changeset pointing to it.

"Should I tag the street or draw a separate way?" almost 13 years ago

Waldo000000: Not currently though, though perhaps something like that might result from the discussion currently ongoing on talk@ about this blog post of mine.

"Should I tag the street or draw a separate way?" almost 13 years ago

seav: ... around 5-10 cm. If you have that amount of relative accuracy you trace it and drag the entire data by 1-3 meters later as you get more accurate rectification points later.

"Should I tag the street or draw a separate way?" almost 13 years ago

seav: NearMap has an absolute accuracy of 1-3 meters but the relative accuracy of its imagery looks to be <5-10 cm. If you map imagery with such high relative accuracy accurately you can always drag the entire data by 1-3 later to give it the absolute accuracy you need.

"Should I tag the street or draw a separate way?" almost 13 years ago

seav/Jean-Marc Liotier: We already have aerial imagery accurate enough for this sort of thing. We're also likely to do a GIS import at some point where the GIS database has this sort of detail.

New OpenStreetBugs client, translators needed almost 13 years ago

Are you interested in making your map translatable via Translatewiki?We already moved Potlatch & the OSM website over there, it would be relatively easy to add something new.

Translatewiki works better with translations where the key is an abstract thing like "ui_fixed_error" instead of the original English string like "Fixed Error".

"Should I tag the street or draw a separate way?" almost 13 years ago

Not as insane as some things we'll probably end up doing, like having full 3d polygon support :)

We'll probably see this soon enough with some GIS import or some diligent tracing of aerial imagery though.

Some users continue to advocate that sidewalks and other things associated with streets shouldn't be mapped separately at all and should be represented as tags on the street. That's fine to some degree but I wanted to point out that we can't get away with that forever if we want a detailed street-level map.

I accidentally my neighborhood almost 13 years ago

The whole neighborhood?

Philippines armchair mapping almost 13 years ago

> But armchair mapping is not as good as real mapping.

How many people could you help if you mapped the entire planet from Landsat? Surely more than if you just did your city and surrounding areas.

We need both armchair and in-the-field mapping and would do well to encourage both activities. Some mappers are interested in one and not at all in the other.

Help needed: Format for GIS export for OSM Import almost 13 years ago

The ESRI shapefile format has numerous .shp -> .osm conversion scripts so if they can export a shapefile that would be great.

Street number help required almost 13 years ago

Yes the GPX importer doesn't like those but you can edit them through JOSM. You could hack the track itself so the importer will accept it but I think it's just easier to upgrade Java and use JOSM instead.