Mapper since:
April 20, 2020


I am Adi, an online motorcycle taxi driver. I have been editing OSM since 2020 until now. My edits are always based on field surveys, not just relying on satellite images or other map sources.

*What I usually edit*

  • I don’t hesitate to add new roads, increase or decrease road types
  • Replacing road access according to the latest conditions
  • Changing street names, especially those using heroes’ names, to use full names and according to their original spelling (see reasons below)
  • Adding / Editing Destinations and Lane Hashtags with easier navigation destinations for both in-city and out-of-city navigation users
  • Adding / Editing POIs that are important as a navigation guide such as gas stations / SPKLU / Minimarkets / Road intersections etc.

*Full Name Policy for Street Names of Heroes*

Some roads with the names of heroes are usually abbreviated by the public / community, then later by the transportation/development department, the abbreviated names are even formalized. For example Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata which is often shortened to Otista. In my opinion, this is a form of harassment towards the hero whose name is immortalized as the name of the street.

Therefore, as a personal mission, I will edit all street names related to heroes to their full names and not abbreviated, not truncated.

  • I will save the full street name that matches the real name of the hero or person in the “name” tag
  • I will save the street names commonly used by the public in the “alt_name” tag
  • I will save the abbreviated street name in the “short_name” tag
  • Street names according to the sign, which may be misspelled, abbreviated, or whatever I will save in the “official_name” tag
  • Indonesian Heroes / Person name will be transliteralized to Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan (EYD). Their original names with old spelling ( Ophuisen / Suwandi etc. ) will be kept in “original_name” tag
  • Street names with foreigners’ names, the spelling will be in accordance with the original language, and transliteralization will be kept to a minimum.
  • Street names with foreign names, original language names will be saved in the tag “name:lang” or “original_name:lang
  • All hero street names will be given a link to Wikipedia or other relevant sources related to the name of the street.
  • Edit are limited on “name” related tag, not on other tag such as “destination” or “address”

In short, don’t insult the heroes by allowing their street names to be truncated or misspelled. The government can make mistakes, we must not allow it. If you don’t agree, please drop a message first as to why you think the person’s / heroes name used as a street name is appropriate to be cut and shortened. The excuse “because it says so on the sign” is unacceptable to me.