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Community Mapping Using Open-source Tools in Barangays 21-C, 22-C, and 23-C in Davao City

Posted by jenjereren on 3 June 2018 in English (English)

It was my first time to leave my husband with our wildling 2-year old to fend for themselves for close to a week. Prior to leaving the house, I was wondering if it was right to go as I stacked up the fridge with food and the closet with clean clothes. I packed my luggage and my hesitation instantly turned to excitement. I'm sure I'll learn a lot in Davao! (Translation: I can't wait to be relieved from mom duties.)

I got this mapping stint from Erwin Olario. He didn't have other options as nobody else was available from the OpenStreetMap Philippines local community. (No competition!) The invite came from Tambayan Center for Children's Rights Inc., a non-profit, non-government organization based in Davao City. There were roughly 30 participants all between 11 and 18 years of age. Managing that number would be quite tough for a two-man team but with the strong assist from the very warm Tambayan staff, the whole four days were a breeze.

Here's a short account of what transpired during the mapping workshop:

Day 1. Erwin started the day with a mapping exercise where he asked the children to draw a map for a friend who would be paying a visit. Then, Erwin and I took turns in rolling out a series of lecture-exercise planned for the entire workshop, specifically for the following tools: OpenStreetMap ID Editor, Field Papers, and MapContrib.

A cognitive map! Cognitive map. The kids were asked to draw a map that contains necessary details for their friend to be able to visit them.

mapContrib Giving a demo of MapContrib! I'm also using this platform to map breastfeeding stations in the Philippines.

Day 2. Field day! We were divided into smaller groups to map areas in our assigned Barangays. We used Field Papers for this particular activity. The children were also briefed to use their smartphones with the GPS turned on to capture photos. Most of us were done around lunch time. The overachievers (led by Erwin, of course) mapped out additional areas while the rest of us, the normal guys, went on to validate the data we collected.

field day Kuya Ash seriously giving a recap of instructions to his team.

field day Pagoda na sa init ang mga mars!

field day Groupfie near a sari-sari store! These convenience stores are everywhere. There are more than five in this short street alone! (Excuse my haggard face.)

Day 3. Participants from the communities and government agencies joined us on the third day to help us validate our work. They sat with us in groups to double-check the areas we covered. We used the morning session to recap the tools we used the previous days. I also gave a background on how maps can be useful tools to help underrepresented sectors.

sharing how i use maps that benefit women My presentation's title is "Women Reprezent". It's about how women can enrich the mapping industry that has almost always been male-dominated.

day 3 validation Mr. Teodo Rey Adorable of the Department of Social Welfare and Development talks about the importance of children's participation in disaster risk reduction and management; that it is more effective than just involving parents and adults.

Day 4. We spent the last day of the workshop mapping what we got from our field work with OpenStreetmap and MapContrib. The kids and staff were taught how to add the photos they took during the field work to Mapillary. Erwin also introduced them to a gamified Mapillary task where the winner gets a prize. Everyone was so competitive!

mapillary game I was the timekeeper during the game. I would announce the minutes remaining and they would sigh in unison. Haha!

winnerz Davao oppa Harvey getting his prize from resident OSM oppa Erwin.

The workshop was an eye opener for me. I've had some experience teaching some of these tools before, but not with a group this young. At first I thought, would I be able to relate to this crowd? Would I be able to teach them the tools assigned to me effectively? Toward the end of the workshop, the curious questions came. So, i'm going to stop overthinking and tell myself that I might have done better than expected.

To cap off the workshop, the Tambayan staff and kids organized a solidarity night. I guess I can say I was able to relate to them in many other ways, too, as we danced to the same K-pop hits. To add to the fun, we discovered that Erwin should be the default volunteer guy from OSM Ph for all talent portions. He pretty much took down the night with his moves. I hope Neem posts his dance video as proof that I'm not making an exaggerated claim. (Peace out!)

On a different note, I enjoyed my stay at the Sanctuary and the amazing food served every day at the Mindanao P.O. Complex.

Take a look at some of the snaps below to see for yourself.

food They serve fresh fruits (papaya, watermelon, etc), white meat (no pork), and lots of vegetables.

more food More food! Their rellenong bangus is to die for, pramis! I remember this dinner really well. I wasn't able to sleep until past 2 AM because I was so full. (I think I can write another diary about the food. I might actually have more photos of what I ate there than everything else. Haha!)

sendoff Gah, I'll miss this crowd! Thank you so much for the lessons and for contributing to OpenStreetMap and your community!

All photos were taken by Erwin except the one he's in, the food shots, and the one where I took a selfie.

Signing out with the finger heart pose,

Ate Kim (LOL! This was my nickname during the entire workshop as coined by Ate Glorie.)

Removed a non existent extension to Seaham of the Morpeth branch line.

Posted by geos1440 on 3 June 2018 in English (English)

While looking at closed and abandoned railways in NSW I found someone had extended the closed Morpeth branch line to Seaham. No extension ever existed. There seems to have been a plan to run the North Coast line through Morpeth and Seaham, which was never adopted. See

Location: -32.725, 151.630

Updates to Dashoguz and the Road North from Ashgabat

Posted by apm-wa on 2 June 2018 in English (English)

I drove, or more precisely was driven, from Ashgabat to Dashoguz across the Karakum Desert on May 29, collecting Mapillary imagery (presently being uploaded, please be patient) and location data for POIs using Pocket Earth and MAPS.ME. We collected the numbers of the gas stations and the names of villages (i.e., navigation waypoints) en route plus locations of clinics and the district hospital in Ruhubelent. Met a Dutch tourist at the cafe near the Darwaza fire crater who was navigating with MAPS.ME and said it was extremely useful for getting around both Iran and Turkmenistan.

Once in Dashoguz we spent some time collecting more street names, some POIs, and correcting a few anomalies. If tourism ever is allowed to flourish in Turkmenistan, this will be a major route from points in Uzbekistan to Ashgabat.

You may notice in the ground-level imagery taken May 29 that the sky is white and visibility is limited to about a mile. This is because the area was subjected to a salt storm caused by winds kicking up salt from the desiccated seabed of the evaporating Aral Sea. This ecological disaster confronted us travelers in a particularly stark manner.

Location: 41.175, 58.543

Creating a quick Survey Kit with Overpass Turbo

Posted by mvexel on 2 June 2018 in English (English)

The weather is nice and I want to go out mapping a little later. It would be nice to have a file and map with things that I wanted to check. Today I will use Overpass Turbo, a great web interface to the Overpass API that gives you all the tools you need to create a quick Survey Kit that you can take with you: a map you can print, and a GPX file to put on your phone or GPS receiver.

Let's say I am interested in businesses that have no opening hours so I can go and add those while I am out. This is a query that would give you exactly that. It is probably not complete and could maybe be simpler, but it is quick for small areas and it does what I need :)

I run this query on a commercial / retail area near my house:

I can then export this as a PNG map to print

And as a GPX file I can put on my Garmin:

And I'm ready to roll!

adjusting the map to the satellite background

Posted by raesfra on 2 June 2018 in English (English)

the whole map of may area is several meters off from he satellite picture. Rather than adjusting every single building of the map, there should be an easier way no? Somebody knows?

adjusting the map to the satellite background

Posted by raesfra on 2 June 2018 in English (English)

the whole map of may area is several meters off from he satellite picture. Rather than adjusting every single building of the map, there should be an easier way no? Somebody knows?

Projeto de Mapeamento de CEP´S da Cidade do Recife/PE com Base do CNEFE Projeto Mapeia Cep.

Posted by raphaelmirc on 2 June 2018 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Essa Semana dei inicio ao mapeamento de Cep´s na Cidade do Recife e comecei o mapeamento pelos Bairros da Cohab e Ibura conforme dados do CNEFE - IBGE ( Cadastro Nacional de Endereços para Fins Estatísticos ).

Bairros do Ibura e Cohab;

Location: -8,122, -34,954

concerne garmin nuvi 42 LM plus

Posted by spiderman85 on 1 June 2018 in French (Français)

gps en anglais au lieu de français. problèmes?

Location: 46,256, 1,793

ياهلا ومرحبًا بالجميع

Posted by درع المطيري on 1 June 2018 in Arabic (العربية)

ياهلا ومرحبًا بالجميع ارحبو يالربع ارحبو ومبروك عليكم شهر رمضان 🌺

Location: 26.270, 44.861

Упорядочивание проектов

Posted by CupIvan on 1 June 2018 in Russian (Русский)

Сегодня наконец-то дошли руки до сортировки веев в отношениях при отрисовки контуров на карте, теперь домики рисуются корректно, а не как каляки-маляки в некоторых случаях :-D

Также недавно меня отраскомнадзорили и пришлось переезжать на другой сервер, попутно почистил все проекты, т.к. там какой-то вирус поселился, потихоньку восстанавливаю:

72827 Wannweil - wo sind meine Einträge?

Posted by seeh on 1 June 2018 in German (Deutsch)

Ich habe vor einigen Tagen in 72827 Wannweil ca 10 Korrekturen vorgeschlagen. Immer mit Hausnummern. Einerseits, Häuser die keine hatten bekamen eine Hausnummer Häuser die noch gar nicht eingezeichnet waren bekamen auch eine Hausnummer (logisch, dass dann das Haus noch irgendwie skiziert werden müsste).

Ich bekam heute die Bestätigung das die Hausnummer 2 hinzugefügt wurde, diese Änderung von mir angenommen.

Wie? Wieso ist alles? Oder kommen die andren Änderungen noch? Darüber wird diskutiert und nicht einfach von unsichtbarer Hand gelöscht? Richtig?


Posted by plennert on 1 June 2018 in German (Deutsch)


ich suche noch mitstreiter, die helfen wollen alle Hydranten bzw. das gesamte Löschwasserwesen auf dem Stadtgebiet in Singen zu erfassen.

Bei interesse einfach melden.

Gruss Ralph

Location: 47,761, 8,830

Mỹ Phẩm Linh Hương đại lý lớn nhất miền Nam

Posted by My Pham Linh Huong on 1 June 2018 in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Mỹ phẩm Linh Hương chuyên kinh doanh các sản phẩm mỹ phẩm thiên nhiên. Sau đó, theo tiêu chuẩn khắt khe của bộ y tế và an toàn vệ sinh thực phẩm. Áp dụng công nghệ tiên tiến hiện đại của thế giới để sản xuất ra những loại mỹ phẩm tốt nhất tại Việt Nam; Mỹ phẩm Linh Hương cũng là nhà phân phối độc quyền các loại mỹ phẩm thiên nhiên cao cấp nhất tại TPHCM Đây cũng là công ty lớn trong khu vực với hơn 12 năm phục vụ trong lĩnh vực làm đẹp thẩm mỹ. Do là nhà phân phối trực tiếp nên khách hàng khi mua sản phẩm tại đây luôn nhận được nhiều Voucher ưu đãi và chi phí cam kết là tốt nhất thị trường hiện nay.

Location: 10,780, 106,604


Posted by Profesor on 31 May 2018 in Russian (Русский)

С первым днём лета!

Trabajos que estoy realizando

Posted by ddsaimon on 31 May 2018 in Spanish (Español)


A raiz de un viaje que hice utlizando una navegador con los mapas de OpenstreetMap me he dado cuenta de que a las conexiones entre autopistas les falta informacion y al ser complejas dan lugar a confusiones. Empezare con las de Madrid ya que fue a donde hice el viajes

Conexiones ya revisadas

M-50 con A-42 M-50 con M-409

Melhorias na Cidade de Bom Jardim/PE.

Posted by raphaelmirc on 31 May 2018 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Boa Noite; Hoje fiz algumas melhorias na Cidade de Bom Jardim/PE e nessas melhorias foram incluso Prefeitura, Igreja, Hotel, Posto de Combustível & etc.

Bom Jardim/PE.

Location: -8,065, -34,884

Beware! Zeppelins! (a sound idea to detect them)

Posted by alexkemp on 31 May 2018 in English (English)

Dungeness Sound Mirrors Kilnsea Sound Mirror

Register article on Sound Mirrors
Sound Mirrors at

These are Sound Mirrors, some WWI-era devices which — for the Kilnsea device at least — are not yet mapped on OSM.

There is a good chance that most of the readers of this diary will be aware of the arms-race between Germany & England throughout the 19th & 20th Centuries that led, as just one example, to radar just in time for WWII (and, as I understand it, it also led to microwaves when a morning technician on an airfield discovered that the latest radar upgrade had cooked a flock of pigeons).

The same spirit of innovation was in play even earlier, and this time it started in France in 1783 with the Montgolfier brothers when, for the very first time, human kind slipped the surly bonds of Earth (the phrase is from “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee). The technology deployed in September 1783 is very much low-tech, consisting as it does purely of hot-air captured in a paper balloon. It was quickly superseded by Hydrogen (obtained from coal-gas or by blowing super-heated steam through white-hot coals) and that was the choice by Germany to lift Zeppelins & bombs into the air during WWI.

The devices at the top of this article are Sound Mirrors. They were cast from concrete and were paired with a microphone at the apex of the mirror reflection. The intention, obviously, was to allow early warning of a Zeppelin approach. Zeppelins initially terrified the populations of English towns but that proved to be short-lived, as the hydrogen that gave them their lift was also a terrifying vulnerability due to the ease with which it could be ignited & the ferocity with which it burnt. Shortly after their introduction Sound Mirrors became redundant due to the fact that Zeppelins became redundant.


Hydrogen was superceded by Helium for use in balloons, mostly because the latter is not flammable. Helium is obtained from natural gas fields, today almost entirely from the USA. It’s original source is via decay of radioactive elements deep near the Earth’s heart.

Both Hydrogen & Helium are regarded as the first elements created immediately after the Big-Bang, but I think that the best fun-fact about each is that, shortly after release into the atmosphere, each of them truly escapes the ‘surly bonds of Earth’ because their natural speed through the atmosphere is higher than Earth’s escape velocity. Thus, they re-join their fellows within the depths of space.

Location: 53.628, 0.132


Posted by Herman Lee on 30 May 2018 in Chinese (中文)


Location: 36.652, 117.054

Alquiler de robots para eventos

Posted by Espabot on 30 May 2018 in Spanish (Español)

Creamos experiencias con robots para que tu evento, exposición o promoción sea innovador y espectacular. Sorprende a tus clientes con una propuesta original y digital . Es el momento de que experimenten el factor WOW de la mano de la inteligencia artificial y la robótica .

Fórmula Violão - Curso de violão Online

Posted by Fórmula Violão on 29 May 2018 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

O Fórmula Violão é um curso de Violão Online totalmente prático e simples, que já tem ajudado centenas de pessoas a tocarem suas primeiras músicas no violão, aprendendo diretamente do conforto de sua casa.

Você aprenderá tudo sobre acordes, dedilhados e ritmos no violão de maneira mito rápida e eficaz. Conheça agora mesmo a nossa página oficial: Curso de violão Online