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The Power of OSM Networking and Connectivity:Rebecca Firth Connects LetGirlsMap(UniqueMappersTeam) new PhD Student member to Malaria Research links-22Jan.2018

Posted by vicksun on 23 January 2018 in English (English)

As a positive result from the GIS/Remote Sensing Semina,Miss Salome,M.Sc Student,Animal and Environmental Management Biology,went back to her department and informed others about UniqueMappersTeam of Africa!!!!! And there comes immediately,Sylvia Ezinne Egbom,a Phd Student,Deaprtment of Animal and Environemtal Biology,University of Port Harcourt,who is working on:Mapping of Malaria Parasitaemia/case events to join UniqueMappersTeam as a members ,being excited and ready to learn and start mapping. I had to add her to our whatsapp chat:LetGirlsMap for ladies' mappers and then Let's Map our World Chat group-our general chat group.Sylvia introduced herself and was welcomed by many of the ladies and female students in the LetGirlsMap chat group. It was not long when, Rebecca Firth,OSM-Working group and HOT Community Partnership Relations Mananger,came on board to create excitement in the chat group as she welcomed the new female Phd researcher,and started giving her links to facilitate her research on Malaria mapping!!!! starting with the team in Colombia doing malaria mapping: and lots more!!! You can imagine the excitement as students of Animal and Environmental Bilogy thumbed up in the chat group with this power of global networking and connectivity provided by OSM community and UniqueMappers of Africa,University of Port Harcourt. Thank you so much Rebecca Firth for being there for us in the chat group:LetGirlsMap ,You are doing a great job!!!!Keep the good work!!!!

UniqueMappersTeam-Port Harcourt kick start 2018 with a Seminar:Solving Practical Problems Using GIS and Remote Sensing-20th January,2018

Posted by vicksun on 23 January 2018 in English (English)

Its so exciting and encouraging to start the year on a launching pad of a Successful hosting of UniqueMappersTeam-Seminar on Saturday 20th January,2018,at the Faculty of Social Science Hall,University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria. I coordinated my team leaders to organize the seminar to showcase their skillls in GIS/RS application and mapping /It was an opportunity to share with other students in the campus the need for mapping ,especially,with OpenstreetMap. I gave the opening remark to kick-start the presentations,and so i made our audience understand the key vision and goals of UniqueMappersTeam,which,includes: Crowdsourced Mapping,VGI,Citizen Science and others Then our Motto:Let's Map our World'' which also is our chat group name. We had 7 presentations in all featuring: ++++Getting Started with OSM presented by Israel Johnson,our Director,Research and Training ++++The Power of GIS by Chukwudubem Nzewi ,Our Team Leader ++++Geospatial Assessment of Landfill Site suitability by Emmanuel Ewa,Our Director,Projects ++++Assessment of Oil Spill Remediation Sites using Vegetation Indices; A case study of Ibaa in Emuohua LGA by Baridapsi Nyiaghan,Our LetGirlsMap,Director ++++Multi-Temporal Assessment of Land Use Land Cover Dynamics of Opobo/Nkoro L.G.A, Rivers State, Nigeria. By Saviour Owujie,Our Director,Technical & Media +++++Buffering as an analysis tool in GIS by Ifeoma Faith Ononiwu,our Director,Finance +++++Solving practical problems of mining industries; Analysing air quality and Noise level by Johnson Israel.our Director-Research and Training We had reactions,comments and questions from our excited audience of students and staff from different majors.Our Faculty advisor,Professor J.E.Umeuduji encouraged the team to do more excellently,this year with all the activities of the team and pledged his availability and support to UniqueMappersTeam and OSM mapping activities. I gave the vote of thanks to cap up the success of the event and also gave a preview of upcoming activities,OSM Training workshop,Mapathon and State of The Campus Map Conference and workshop for University of Port Harcourt.

Editing the CDT - Continental Divide Trail

Posted by wegerje on 22 January 2018 in English (English)

That's what I am doing january 2018.

My first OSM Tracking experience :)

Posted by Amalu_Susan on 22 January 2018 in English (English)

I came to know about OSM from Aruna, she was a speaker at Swatantra'17 (International Conference on Free and Open Source Software) in India. Now she's a close friend of mine :) After the conference we got connected through telegram.

I really wished to do FOSS contributions but didn't know how! Glad that I met Aruna, the most patient and cheerful person I've met. She asked me to take the first step towards FOSS contributions by OSM tracking. I decided to work out this task with my cousins. We decided to go for an evening and take notes of shops nearby to add them to tracklists. We had fun. Following are some fun things that happened:

1) An old lady asked me to buy groceries from her shop in exchange for the information she shared. 2) A shopkeeper asked for an ID Card to confirm that my intention to take photo of the shop was not bad. 3) I even went for a scooty ride to track schools in the rural parts of my village :)

Day II

Posted by jæwesome on 22 January 2018 in English (English)

dipping toes into the OSM pool. 11 random edits in a quick session. Added some pools & fleshed out some data for water towers. Came across an antenna quandary. Added part of the Putah Creek drainage ditch. Slowly getting an idea of what is going on, considering how to scale edits up

here is stream of conscious musings: so I'm adding this ditch, I specifically didn't touch the powerline but it's showing up in the editchain?? did I bump it or is it because the thing I'm adding crosses it?

also I've added some cellphone Antennas that are bolted onto the side of the theatre downtown on F & 1st . The closest I can get is man_made=mast They are just additions to the building but noteworthy infrastructure. How should I quantify this in OSM? comm_tower ? cell_antenna ? please advise best course of action

when I try to draw in some of these swimming pools if I get complex it won't give me swimming pool, I have to make it less nodes. Any ideas? Upon further introspective this seems to be UI clunkyness furthered by my mouse interactions... you know what they say

is there a way to note art pieces integrated into buildings, or for that matter inside. The life sciences has a 4 story double helix in a stairwell facing the exterior. Any way to note that on OSM effectively? I know interior isn't what it's all about just wondering

Incontro dei mapper di Biellese, Canavese e Vercellese

Posted by Andrea Musuruane on 22 January 2018 in Italian (Italiano)

Finalmente anche i mapper di Biellese, Canavese e Vercellese potranno ritrovarsi regolarmente.

Il primo incontro è fissato per
Sabato 3 febbraio ore 15.00
Sede BiLUG (presso SellaLAB),
Via Corradino Sella 10, Biella (BI).

Questi eventi sono un modo per far incontrare i mapper della zona (tra i quali i partecipanti allo scorso mapping party di Viverone) in modo regolare, conoscersi, scambiare esperienze, parlare di cosa si sta mappando e cercare di chiarire i propri dubbi.

Parte dell'incontro sarà incentrata su un approfondimento. Per il 3 febbraio, dato che ci sono alcuni collaboratori che vogliono partecipare all'import degli open data della Provincia di Biella, abbiamo pensato di fare un po' di formazione su questo argomento.

Negli incontri successivi, pensavamo di parlare di:

  • editing avanzato con JOSM
  • stampa mappe cartacee
  • analisi cartografia OSM con linguaggio R
  • quality assurance
  • interrogazioni con overpass

Se avete altre proposte, segnalatecele.

Tutti sono i benvenuti, non è richiesta alcuna registrazione.

Ringrazio Marco Brancolini e Marco Baietto che mi aiuteranno in questa nuova iniziativa e gli amici del BiLUG per il loro supporto.

ЕженедельникОСМ 391

Posted by Sadless74 on 21 January 2018 in Russian (Русский)

ЕженедельникОСМ 391 (09.01.2018-15.01.2018)

Über den Umgang mit schwierigen Usern oder was sind Vandalen?

Posted by q_un_go on 21 January 2018 in German (Deutsch)

Der Anwender mit dem, Stand heute, 21.01.2018., netten Pseudonym "euch kann man nicht helfen" ist zweifellos ein etwas schwieriger Typ, und sein Humor bei Kommentaren zu Changesets und mehr noch OSM-Notes ist sehr speziell.

Und daher hat ihn also "Woodpeck" (also nicht irgendwer, sondern Frederick Ramm) gesperrt und gleich auch noch Dutzende an Änderungen mit rückgängig gemacht.

Da wurde Feuer mit Feuer bekämpft, nämlich "Vandalismus" in Notes, die eh keiner liest, bzw. kaum einer bearbeitet, mit Vandalismus auf der Karte:

Die neu in Betrieb gegangene Anbindung der Unterstadt von Neustadt im Schwarzwald an die B31, Neustadt Mitte, wurde wieder auf construction gesetzt (nur teilweise, da ich meinerseits die Gegend mit Navi abgefahren bin, einige Tracks hochgeladen habe und den Straßenverlauf anhand des Tracks korrigierte: meine Änderungen blieben also erhalten. Aber wo ich nicht die Finger drin hatte, wurde die neue Straße wieder auf construction revertiert.

Das Rathaus im Stühlinger in Freiburg, ein städtisches Vorzeigeprojekt - ich nenne es spöttisch "Neuen Tempel des Salomon", wurde ziemlich zackig durch die Reversion, einige Fußwege drumrum verschwanden ganz.

Sauber. Ist halt blöderweise kein Industriebau in der Pampa, sondern an einer Stelle, wo OSM gerne mit einem Marktbegleiter verglichen werden dürfte.

Dazu kamen ein paar Reverts bei den Straßenbahngleisen, wo eine umgestellte Linie dadurch wieder in OSM war (2 statt 4 an der Gundelfinger Straße). So nebenbei habe ich beim Re-Revert den Schlüssel von von name auf ref geändert.

Location: Alt-Stühlinger, Stühlinger, Freiburg im Breisgau, Regierungsbezirk Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, 79106, Deutschland

Möjligt att parkera när man ska till Fågelsångsdalen

Posted by kentlundgren on 21 January 2018 in Swedish (Svenska)

Möjligt att parkera när man ska till Fågelsångsdalen

Location: Tivoligränden, Rögle, Lunds kommun, Skåne län, Götaland, 24736, Sverige

Сегодня 21 января! Встреча осмеров в Москве.

Posted by Sadless74 on 21 January 2018 in Russian (Русский)

Помните, каждый январь мы собирались в ёлкопалках? Спорили шумной компанией про всякую картографию, знакомились, ели? Думаю, пора возобновить традицию.

Сегодня!!! В воскресенье, 21 января готовьтесь встретиться снова! Покупайте билеты, расчищайте планы. Время — с 15:00 до ~20, место — Бар «Крафтер» у выхода №4 из метро «Тверская».

Мы будем очень рады видеть новичков, а опытные картографы уже знают, что нет ничего лучше, чем оторваться от JOSM на пару часиков и поговорить с другими участниками OpenStreetMap.

Цены в баре нормальные: еда около 300 рублей, пиво около 200. Можно прийти со своими бигмаком и молочным коктейлем.

Hello world

Posted by jæwesome on 21 January 2018 in English (English)

this is OSM warrior

From A Passionate Research About Crowdsourced Mapping to the Emergence of Humanitarian YouthMappers Teams in Nigeria

Posted by vicksun on 20 January 2018 in English (English)

Its so exciting to see the progress of my research about VGI and Crowdsourced mapping becoming a passion-driven campaign for humanitarian mappers among the University Youths in Nigeria. When,It become obvious last year,2017,that I am going to rely on the openstreetmap platform for my crowdsourced mapping research ,the next issue was ,how to raise the crowd and engage them to mapping.My research linked me up to the OSM community in Africa ,where, I met a good friend Geoffery Kateregga ,who was organizing the State of The Map African Conference in Uganda last year,2017. I was introduced to OSM Africa working group and though I was unable to secure travel fund to Uganda for SOTM-Africa,i got on with the community meeting and online discussion with the help of Mr.Geoffery Kateregga.I also got in contact with Nathelia of Mali and Madam Janet Chapman of Crowd2Map Tanzania,all on whatsapp chat,communicating and receiving motivations for work. I was able to create .mentor and coordinate to full establishment ,the UniqueMappersTeam-University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria,as a YouthMappers Chapter between June and December,2017 Our first Mapathon in July had an attendance of more than 100 students and staff ,signing up for OSM account to join us as a humanitarian mapper.

By 9th,August,I was able to create a new YouthMappers Chapter at the University of Nigeria,Nsuka(UNN),which I named LionMappersTeam(LMT)Nsukka.This effort was assisted by my friend and a Lecturer at Geography UNN.Surveyor Romanus Ayadiuno and Peter Pada.a 3rd year student of Geography dept.who was serving his interns in my department and under my training and supervision created a chat group and we used that to mobilize and train the team leaders as well as members while on holiday.Surveyor Romanus Ayadiuno became the Faculty advisor while Peter Pada,became the Team Leader Projects.Elvis Onotode worked as the Pioneer Director and Research, and Nmasinachi Dim worked as the Director,LetGirlsMap and Team General Secretary.

By 20th September,I proceeded to create another chapter at the Federal School of Surveying,Oyo,Oyo State,Nigeria,which I named OyoMappersTeam(OMT),Oyo.This was also facilitated remotely online,with the help of Mrs Mary Marcllinus Lhwu,who worked as the Team Coordinator along with Team leaders.

By 26th October,I also moved over to create a new chapter at the University of Nigeria,Enugu Campus,Nigeria,where ,I currently ,study as a PhD student.We called the this chapter'LionMappersTeam(LMT)Enugu Campus,to go along with University of Nigeria,Nsukka,the main campus.We started with about 46 members online where we had training and discussion on OSM.Our Faculty adviser, Professor Chukwunonyelum Okpala-Okaka was also excited about the new way of mapping though openstreetmap.As a Phd Student,I took the Pioneer Team Leadership and Mentoring of LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus.

UniqueMappersTeam-Port Harcourt had an active participation in OSMGeoweek,November,2017.During this event we had a week-long activities ranging with campaign,Mappers Wantedl,leadership training and mapathon.Rebbeca Firth came on board,to my notice,working from OSM community working group as one of the OSMGeoweek reps.It was a huge success and was widely celebrated,moreso as we got our parcel of Certificate of affilation to YouthMappers same week.

Between 4th and 15th December,2017,I had to sponsor myself to travel to these new chapters for an inaugural training,dealing with how to map on OSM.I spent one week for LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus,and the following week ,I was at LionMappersTeam_Nsukka. Both chapters were excited and led to multiple increase in membership.We had time to mentor,train and coordinate these two chapters directly and individually. I had to time and sufficient personal fund to travel to proceed to Oyo for oyomappersTeam and so I had to travel back to Port Harcourt,where ,I quickly,seized the opportunity to create another chapter at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education,Port Harcourt.And so ,I had a new team ''IgnatiusMappersTeam(IMT)Port harcourt added to the YouthMappers OSM community Nigeria.

The year 2017 also gave me opportunity to set up a platform for OSMNigeria Community ,with advise of Geoffery Kateregga of OSM-Africa/HOT and the support of Dennis Omisore of FUTA Youthmappers.And so on 20th september2017,I created a chat group for the mobilization of OSMNigeria.

To start the year's activities for UniqueMapperTeam-we had a seminar presentaion by team members on the theme:Solving Practical Problems using GIS and Remote Sensing. on 20th,January,2018.Venue was ,the faculty of Social Science hall,University of Port Harcourt.It was a time for members to share their knowledge and experience I look forward ,to creating more youthmappers chapters in Nigeria,while mentoring them to ensure an effective and efficient OSM community in Nigeria for response to resilent communities in Nigeria.

The Little Beginning of a UNIQUEMAPPERSTEAM Born in a Citadel of Learning On the Green Lowlands and Swampy Plains of The New Calabar River, Nigeria

Posted by vicksun on 20 January 2018 in English (English)

Introduction The University of Port Harcourt, geographically situated on the green low lands and swampy plains of the New Calabar Rivers, is a citadel of learning and excellence that is UNIQUE in all ramifications. This is the transcending entrepreneur university where the UniqueMappersTeam (UMT) Port Harcourt emerged into a global presence of YouthMappers, showcasing their unique and enthusiastic action about crowdsourced Mapping and Citizen Science. Precisely, the vision became realistic and then came the birth of UniqueMappersTeam on 12th June, 2017, right in the Cartography and GIS Laboratory office of our Team Coordinator and Mentor, Mr. Victor N.Sunday, who also is the founder of this Unique Team of Mappers and other emerging MappersTeam in Nigeria affiliated to YouthMappers Network. The UniqueMappersTeam-University of Port Harcourt Chapter is a team of map enthusiasts comprising of over 60 registered current UNIPORT students from a wide variety of disciplines, with a majority from the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, all united for the common goal of collaborative online crowdsourced mapping of our local environment, campus community and resilient communities in Nigeria and beyond. The team is known for training and equipping of members with a frontline practical mapping and geospatial skills that enables them compete favorably in mapping activities at local and global levels with other chapters and organization. It is a forum for professional mentoring and training of team members for various applications of mapping skills and knowledge. The team seeks to promote and showcase UNIPORT in a global presence of affiliate chapters of YouthMappers existing in other campuses globally. It is therefore an affiliate chapter of YouthMappers ( using the online platform of OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Humanitarian Openstreetmap (HOT) for educational, professional and humanitarian services. The team serves as a launching pad for a sustainable mapping of the University of Port Harcourt campus environment and beyond on the global web Atlas of the OpenStreetMap ( ). The team’s activities includes high quality programs that range from:  ICT-based online mapping of local environment and remote places globally,  Crowdsourced mapping/Volunteered Geographic Information activities  Participatory Citizen Science  Participatory GIS Mapping  Training workshop/seminar and Practical field mapping activities,  Secondary school outreaches to create online mapping awareness,  Participation in international online mapping/citizen science activities and competition  And humanitarian/community mapping services to resilient communities. These programs range from one-day event to nine (9) month programs.

UniqueMappersTeam ICT-Based Online Mapping (1st Mapathon-July, 2017) at ICT-Center, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria The Pioneer Team Leadership of UniqueMappersTeam (UMT) Port Harcourt The team emerged as a result of the handwork, enthusiasm and team spirit of the pioneer team leaders and students, who also served as officials of the team-2017: 1. Nzewi, Chukwudubem Team Leader(President) 2. Ewa,Azibodiniyar Emmanuel The Director, Project Tasks(V.President-1) 3. Baridapsi ,Nyiaghan The Director,LetGilrsMap(Vice President-2) 4. Oshoma, Blessing Team Secretary-General(TSG) 5. Ononiwu, Faith Ifeoma The Director, Finance(DF) 6. Egbe,Triumphant The Team Treasurer(TT) 7. Iheagwam,Onyinyechi J The Director, Welfare /Human Resources 8. Owujie,Saviour The Director, Technical& Media(DTM) 9. Israel, Johnson Chinwengozi The Director, Research and Development 10. Ademu,Ojodomo Edward The Director, Security & Safety Services(DSS) The team’s activities is facilitated by a Staff Team Coordinator, who also is the Team Mentor and supported by faculty staff advisors, who supervises the activity of the group. UniqueMappersTeam Pioneer Team Leaders UniqueMappersTeam 2017 in Retrospect The team’s year began with a week-long leadership training held for its pioneering members and leaders at the team coordinator’s office, at the cartography/GIS laboratory in the Donald U. Ekong library complex. About 9 people were in attendance. The team coordinator explained the basics of mapping on OpenStreetMap and showed us how to map on the platform. It was quite intriguing to know that it could be so easy to map. Because most of us were geographers, we appreciated the relief from the tedious requirements and processes of the mapping we were used to. After the training, the team executives were asked to write a training manual about mapping on OSM. This was used to assess their preparedness to teach others.

This is where it all started with these pioneer leaders being trained by the Team Coordinator(Victor Sunday) in his Office,at the Cartography/GIS Lab,Donald Ekong Library, UNIPORT Few weeks afterwards, we had a training to create awareness about OpenStreetMap and also a Mapathon to follow at the Information and Communication Technology Centre of the University (ICTC). A task was created specifically for the Mapathon; the project task 400, which required participant to map the university campuses. We stated the campaign from our department of Geography and Environmental Management. Many students, both post graduates and undergraduates, were excited as well as inquisitive as to how it would be carried out. Students registered for the training and even more showed for it. Though there was the initial challenge of network, a lot of participant were trained on how to map with OpenStreetMap. The post graduate students were more excited about it, as they knew the real value of the training they had undergone. There was a large turnout especially on the last day of the training. At least a 100 student participated. Our faculty officer and adviser, Professor J. E. Umueduji also participated in the mapathon.

UniqueMappersTeam during the OSMGeoweek 2017 Remote Mapping and International Competitions In the month of July, the team participated in a series of mapathons in collaboration with YouthMappers chapters in other countries. Amongst these were Ghana mapathon, Tanzania FGM mapping and also mapping for areas affected by mudslides in Sierra Leone. Participants were required to map from their different locations at their convenience. Towards the end of July, the team participated In the Stall catcher’s Catchathon alongside 24 other teams In 18 countries, in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The event held at Emmatex Ventures just opposite the ICTC. It was so much fun despite the poor weather we had over here. We emerged 1st in Africa and 18th worldwide. We were ecstatic! We had pizza and drinks to celebrate our efforts and win.

UniqueMappersTeam fun time with a global Catchaton Contest to fight against Alzheimer’s disease, mapping the Brain as a participatory Citizen Science Team in Africa. We made a lot of preparations towards getting our certificate and approval from the university authority. The team executives held meetings regularly to write reports and draft letters that were to be sent to offices and also for approval to use the Information and Communication Technology Centre whenever we needed. It was a great joy when we finally received the certificate and sometime, later we also received approval from the University as a registered student association.

Arrival of our Certificate and YouthMappers Banner Displayed by Mercy Nnaji and GodsLove Ishola A weeklong OSMGeoweek Mapathon and Catchaton Plus-2017 November came with preparations for the OpenStreetMap Geography awareness week. It looked very unrealistic that we would be able to actively participate as the University would be going for holidays at about that time. We made preparations still, hopeful that there would be a good number of participants. We designed banners and also got our branded T-shirts at about the same time. The main features of the week included awareness campaigns, mapathons and a Catchathon. Unfortunately, turnout was low, but we had a great celebration of Geography.

Team Members on internship at NARSDA, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria also remotely mapped and supported us during the OSMGeoweek

A unique Action for Mapping also goes with a unique action time for relaxation and refreshment!!! Earlier this month, the team by invitation, made a play presentation at the Environmental Management Association of Nigeria annual conference held in Rivers state. Our play was about practicing environmentally friendly characters to ensure sustainable development. Our audience consisted of owners of companies, environmental enthusiasts and students alike.

Raising the banner of YouthMappers during the OSMGeoweek 2017 Begetting the Likes and Mentoring MappersTeam in Other Campuses During the year the team was able to establish the following YouthMappers chapters: LionMappersTeam-Nsukka at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus OyoMappersTeam-Oyo at the Federal School of Surveys, Oyo, Nigeria IgnatiusMappersTeam-Port Harcourt at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumen, Nigeria

IgnatiusMappersTeam-Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Port Harcourt(application submitted 15th Dec.2017)

These chapters were created and managed remotely from University of Port Harcourt, between the months of September and November, 2017, simply by initial creation of WhatsApp chat group, adding some contact persons who then adds other students. Online meetings were held to take decisions on the ideal name of the team, volunteered team leaders were given assignments that helped them learn more of the openstreetmap applications, uses of relevant openstreetmap tools, mobile tools for mapping as well as online media tools such as webinar. However, it was until Mr.Victor .N Sunday (the mentor) visited these chapters for training that active participation commenced as team members got a clear picture of YouthMappers mandate and the team’s expectations. Except, the OyoMappersTeam-Oyo which require much travelling fund and a distance of about

High School Outreach to Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt, Nigeria The team also embarked on its high school outreach programme. Team members volunteered to adopt high schools in Port Harcourt as mentoring/ training coordinators each of the schools. These members serve as the intermediary between the team and the schools. We sent letters across to four schools including Jephthah Comprehensive College, Graceland Secondary School, Aladumo schools, and our own University Demonstration Secondary School. We had positive feedbacks from two of the schools and also had preparations to organize trainings and establish YouthMappers school clubs when they are back in session by January 2018. The following are the team coordinators/mentors to the adopted Secondary (High) Schools in Port Harcourt. With the responsibility of grooming young mappers using Openstreetmap and to create Geography awareness in their respective high Schools:

A Unique and Greater Year Ahead!!!! It has been a great year for the team. Our team leaders have shown exemplary skills under the indispensable supervision of our Team Coordinator and Mentor. The team has brought together students from different discipline and levels and unified us all under the roof of YouthMappers Network for the sheer love of mapping and sharing geospatial information. Appreciations and Acknowledgements for 2017 Supports to UniqueMappersTeam-Port Harcourt  The University Management, University of Port Harcourt,especially,the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics for approvals to use University facilities  Our faculty Advisors, Professor J.E.Umeuduji  Head of Department, Geography & Environmental Management  Directors:ICTC and CITE-University of Port Harcourt  Our Senior Friends and Mentors in ‘’Let’s Map our World’’ and LetGirlsMap chat groups  Rev.Dr.Wokoma.W.D.C. for your encouraging presence and active participation  Dr. Clinton Ezekwe  Geoffery Kettegary (Uganda) and Nathelia Sidibe(Uganda)  Madam Janet Chapman –Crowd2map(Tanzania)  Johannes Pete(Tazania)for sharing hisYouthmappers experience in the chat group  Pete Masters and Rebbecca Firth of HOT management for accepting to join our chat group getting us more excited  Egle(UK) for introducing us to Catchaton contest of 18 countries mapping the brain to fight against Alzheimer’s disease  All our new YouthMappers Chapter created by the mentorship of UniqueMappersTeam-Port Harcourt  The Director,YouthMappers and her steering committee  The Members and Team leaders of UniqueMappersTeam

Legacy Road Colours for OpenStreetMap Carto

Posted by ika-chan! on 20 January 2018 in English (English)

Today I created a draft tutorial on how to modify the standard OpenStreetMap Carto stylesheet to use road colours that commonly appear on maps in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. This simple tutorial is available with two shield styles, as shown below:

Simple colour change

Colour change with British shields

It looks like the tutorial will only require five simple steps: therefore, there is no need to create a separate GitHub fork.

The new colours are not direct copies from the pre-2015 versions of the Standard tile layer, because the old road colours would have appeared too dark and too dull.

Location: Acton, London Borough of Ealing, London, Greater London, England, W3 9NX, United Kingdom

Remote mapping the danger zones around Mayon [Albay, Philippines]

Posted by GOwin on 20 January 2018 in English (English)

Very active mapping activity around Mayon, in the last several days.

We are grateful for the help extended by very dedicated mappers all around the globe, for helping map the Permanent Danger Zone around Mayon. This has been 100% validated today.

Mt. Mayon is still a looming threat for many towns and small settlements in its vicinity, and we have an on-going mapping project to map the Extended Danger Zone. And because of the positive response from the community, we're now halfway done, and would welcome extra helping us to make this complete as soon as possible.

Kudos to Maning Sambale for initiating this activity, to make available Free and Open geodata to local governments and humanitarian organizations for their disaster management planning, and response.

Thank you.

Location: New Lidong Trail, Lidong, Albay, Bicol Region, 4508, Philippines

Kolejna genialna mapa historyczna

Posted by km2bp on 19 January 2018 in Polish (Polski)

Mapa ta obejmująca teren Dolnego Śląska i trochę więcej to połączenie OSM oraz map Googli na którą naniesiono zdjęcia budynków zarówno te współczesne jaki i dawne wraz z opisem ich historii. Są też pozaznaczane na mapie miejsca ważnych obiektów już nieistniejących.

W tym przykładzie wycinek mojego miasta,Zielona_Gora,Kosciol_Najswietszego_Zbawiciela.html

About another OSMF board meeting

Posted by imagico on 19 January 2018 in English (English)

Some time ago i reported here my impression of the first public OSMF board meeting and i kind of feel motivated to make another report on the most recent meeting.

I have attended quite a few of these meetings as a guest in the meanwhile and in most of them there were very few people listening in - rarely more than one or two in addition to myself. Listening to these meetings gives you a bit of insight into how the board ticks, how they communicate and how they make decisions. The last meeting had a quite extraordinary number of visitors and also seemed quite a bit different in several aspects. You can read up the formal minutes of all of the meetings on the OSMF wiki - what i here want to present is my personal impression and commentary on the thing. This is my subjective impression so there are certainly things i understood in a different ways than others and there are likely things i missed because i did not pay attention to them. If you want a neutral record of the meeting look at the minutes or better yet listen in on the meetings yourself.

Let me start by thanking the board for continuing to hold the meetings in public, i think this is of fundamental importance for connecting OSMF politics to the OSM community base. This diary entry is my contribution to this discourse - both by communicating my impression of the meetings to a larger audience than those who were able to be at the meeting and to provide feedback to the board on how their work is perceived.

It was the first meeting after the last board elections so there was the selection of officers - which was ultimately uninteresting because the same people as last time were elected.

Next topic discussed was the membership fee waiver program drafted by the MWG. What amazed me about this is that while there was some discussion among the board members there was no specific mentioning of the discussion that had occured in public on the OSMF mailing list about what is the best and fairest way to actually get more people to become OSMF members. Although a decision can of course be made on the proposal as it exists (which is purely for handling technical payment difficulties) it does not seem very productive to me to approve the MWG draft without giving feedback to the MWG and the community members who are interested in lowering the barriers for people to become an OSMF members on if and how moving in that direction is considered desirable by the board. There were vague statements of individual board members that further work should be done regarding the membership fees but no commitment or acknowledgement of the need to substantially lower the barriers.

I think this might indicate kind of a more general problem. During the last year we have seen - largely through Dorothea's work - a significant improvement of communication of overall OSMF matters to the OSM community but this might hide the fact that there is still a lot of room for improvement of the communication between the OSMF and the OSM community on specific matters. This is something the OSM community can work on (by better articulating their wishes and opinions to the board and WGs, better identifying the right point of time to provide input) but it is also something the OSMF board can and needs to work on. If input from the OSM community on matters of policy of the OSMF is being offered but either not considered or considered but the fact that and how it is is not communicated to the people providing this input that is a serious communication problem.

Next was a discussion about a possible face-to-face meeting of the board. The history of the board face-to-face meetings is an interesting one. When the first more recent dedicated meeting of this kind was planned in 2016 (not sure if there were other similar meetings in the early board history or more or less complete meetings of the board during other events like SotM) the main argument was that the board members getting to know each other in person was very useful and important for a practical working relationship. Last year there was then another dedicated face-to-face meeting although the board composition had not changed (since both Frederik and Kate were re-elected) so this argument was obviously not the primary reason any more.

When the board reported on the last meeting on the OSMF blog i mentioned in a comment:

... But i sincerely hope that with a meeting like this costing quite a bit of both time and money you do evaluate the success of it in terms of measurable results – in other words: Go in with a clear idea what you intend to accomplish and evaluate afterwards if you managed to do so.

which pretty much summarizes my attitude to this subject. If a face-to-face meeting is useful i see no reason not to have one but IMO the board needs to justify and demonstrate to the OSMF members and the OSM community as a whole that it actually is worth the money spent. If you look at the list of "what we want to change" from the 2016 meeting you can get doubts about this.

There were some comments in that direction in the discussion but everything was pretty vague and non-committal overall. What i distinctly noted is that no one even mentioned the fact that there is a SotM conference this summer in Italy and travel costs could be significantly reduced probably by making a meeting there.

Next topic was re-activating the osmf-announce mailing list for official announcements. This was an interesting and useful discussion about the purpose of this announcement mailing list and also the possibilities and the needs to communication to members from parties other than the board - like for example for initiatives from the membership to put forward proposals without going through and potentially even against the will of the board.

Then there was an item "Taking a stand against people publicly bad-mouthing the OSM project, OSM community, or OSMF" put forward by Frederik. This was about the infamous tweet by Dale Kunce which is the most recent and one of the most blatant examples of people badmouthing the OSM community on twitter and other social media channels. Frederik suggested that the OSMF board should make a clear statement to condemn such claims and make clear that the OSMF board stands behind the OSM community against people collectively calling them racists and other things while encouraging everyone to bring any specific cases of racism, misogyny or other discriminating behaviour to the attention of the board.

What followed were reactions mainly from Heather and Mikel who from my point of view very skillfully tried to spin this into yet another call for stricter rules on OSM communication channels, codes of conduct and policing use of these channels. This argument more or less went along the following lines:

  • the OSMF cannot control what is said on Twitter (which was of course not what Frederik was suggesting)
  • there were quite a few unfriendly, inpolite or similar statements on OSMF managed channels recently the Twitter statements should be seen in context with (i can't really help but this seemed oddly similar to Trump's famous "there was violence on both sides")
  • the OSMF should therefore strengthen and enforce rules on what may be said on OSM communication channels (which instead of condemning Dale Kunce's rant would actually kind of support it)

I of course paraphrase here, this is not literally what has been said but if i try to extract the essence of the arguments that have been made this is more or less what i end up with.

Peda was the only board members who spoke in support of Frederik's proposal so in the end no decision from the OSMF board to take a stand on bad-mouthing OSM and the OSM community. You can interpret this as you like. By the way Dale Kunce is president of HOT and works for the American Red Cross - the organization that has made the USD 25k donation to the OSMF last year that was kept 'secret' for more than half a year. Even if you are not into looking for conspiracies from a PR perspective this is really kind of like running at full speed towards a concrete wall. What credibility does a board that cannot even condemn a clearly outrageous statement that sweepingly calls essentially all OSMF members racists have on matters of communication tone in intercultural communication?

After that the meeting had already been running for an hour and several board members indicated they wanted to close it - Peda suggested to vote on the budget for 2018 before doing that.

For the visitors this is kind of a strange situation since the budget at this point is not public so you listen to a discussion about a budget that you cannot look at. The discussion however was mostly about the implications of the recent 200k donation and how this should be taken into account for financial planning. Ultimately the budget was approved as it was drafted by Frederik.

A followup meeting was scheduled for next week to cover the remaining agenda items.

It is still too early to draw conclusion in what direction the new board tends politically - even if there have been a few indications towards that in the way people communicated in the meeting. What i can say in review of all the board meetings i listened to overall is an increasing trend towards conservativism (mostly in the sense of sticking to a certain way of doing things because you are used to it rather than because there are convincing arguments to actually do it this way). This is not astonishing considering all of the current board members have been on the board for quite some time or bring in a certain experience from elsewhere how they are used to things being done they try to continue in this venue.

Also the board - with Ilya leaving - has become significantly less culturally diverse, we now essentially have a US-German-Canadian board. The most exotic voice on the board now seems to be Peda who is the only real hobby mapper with no professional relationship to OSM whose views maybe best represent those of a typical OSM mapper (though with a distinctly German perspective of course). Given that Peda is clearly the board member least fluent in English he also has the least chance to convincingly articulate his views against his rhetorically more skilled colleagues.

Non-English keywords in English iD interface.

Posted by Dzertanoj on 18 January 2018 in English (English)

I just noticed an interesting thing. If you want to create a point indicating a garbage dumpster (trash container or whatever similar) using iD with the English language interface, you add a point geometry and then start typing "garbage" in the Search field. Once you've typed "gar", found tagging options will be related to anything "garden" and "garbage", but there will also be a "ॐ Hindu Temple" as a sixth item. If you type one more letter and make it "garb", you'll have everything "garbage", but Hindu Temple will jump to the second place.

I'm not claiming that I know how it works, but I assume that there are keywords tied to an interface language and to every tag or set of tags for a specific object. They seem to be language-dependent (while it is still possible to type something in German, like "wald", and get Wood as an option), otherwise, there would be a lot more confusion with similarly spelled keywords from different languages.

However, I don't see any logic in this specific situation. As Wikipedia says, "Garbhagriha" is a Sanskrit word for a part of a Hindu temple (not even for a temple itself). How often might it be typed in Latin alphabet by iD users? Does it really belong to English interface, keeping in mind that English is not the main language in any of those countries where Hindu religion is prominent enough? It definitely belongs to Hindu and some other languages, but English? By the way, if you try typing "altar" (also a part of a temple in many religions) - nothing related to temples or cathedrals will pop up. Considering this logic, Hindu Temple should not show up on a list after typing "gar" or "garb" in a search form.

Just to be clear: I don't care if it will continue popping up - it looks amusing to me, not just "wrong". I'm not going to dig into iD's complicated structure and register on any translation services to fix that.

Ong PPR Vesbo Cao Cap Thanh Trang

Posted by Ống nước PPR Vesbo on 18 January 2018 in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Khi thi công một công trình xây dựng, việc thiết kế một hệ thống cấp nước là một việc cực kỳ quan trong. Để đảm bảo hệ thống được vận hành an toàn cùng sự đảm bảo vệ sinh an toàn thực phẩm thì việc lựa chọn một loại ống nước chất lượng phù hợp với tiêu chí công trình là một điều cần thiết.

Với chất lượng đã được khẳng định ở nhiều quốc gia lớn như Đức, Anh, Singapor... Ống cấp nước PPR Vesbo chính là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo dành cho hệ thống cấp nước. Doanh Nghiệp Thành Trang với kinh nghiệm hơn 20 năm trong vật tư ngành nước đã tự hào trở thành đơn vị phân phối độc quyền sản phẩm ống PPR và phụ kiện PPR Vesbo trên cả nước Việt Nam.

Hãy cùng tìm hiểu thêm về sản phẩm Ống nước PPR để biết tại sao nó lại được tin dùng như thế nhé!

Mayon's core dange zone mapping is 100% complete - thank you!

Posted by GOwin on 17 January 2018 in English (English)

Mt. Mayon ash plume. Photo credits: unknown.

Mayon, the Philippines most active volcano, with 48 historical eruptions is restive. Over the weekend, tremors, lava fountaining, and lava collapse events has been noted. Government volcanologists report that “relatively high level of unrest as magma is at the crater and hazardous eruption is possible within weeks or even days.

The authorities has prohibited the public from entering the 6 kilometer-radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ), and the 7-km Extended Danger Zone (EDZ) on the southern flanks “due to the danger of rockfalls, landslides and sudden explosions or dome collapse that may generate hazardous volcanic flows.”

Yesterday morning, we appealed for help to map the 6-kilometer Permanent Danger Zone of Mayon, and the community responded quickly. Today, it's been 100% mapped, 57% validated (and still on-going). Thank you! The names of the generous mappers may be found in the project dashboard.

Mayon Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ): 100% mapped. 57% validated.

Today, a new project to map the 7-kilometer Extended Danger Zone (EDZ) around Mayon has been published: and we are again appealing for some of your precious time, and valued mapping skills, to map the EDZ. Most especially the priority tasks in the southern quadrant, where there are a number of villages and settlements.

Again, this is preemptive mapping activity to assist local government agencies and aid organizations to support future damage assessment. We call on the digital humanitarian community for their assistance for this project.

Location: New Lidong Trail, Legazpi, Albay, Bicol Region, 4508, Philippines