Created: almost 6 years ago

Status: Ended almost 6 years ago.

Reason for block:

Dear user cgu66,

it seems that you are making a series of edits to places of worship but it is unlikely that you have been to all of them. It seems that this is a mechanical edit and before you embark on such large-scale "corrections" it is required that you discuss your plans, and the rules you want to use for making these corrections, on a suitable mailing list (the "tagging" or "talk" lists would be suitable).

Please do not continue with these edits until you have done that and people have approved of your plans.

Because a community member has already written to you and received no response, I make this a blocking message; after you have logged in to the web site you will be able to continue using your account as normal.

Thank you for your understanding, Frederik Ramm a.k.a. woodpeck for the OSMF data working group.