Created: about 5 years ago

Status: Ended about 5 years ago.

Reason for block:

Dear user WeatherMan13,

you are adding a lot of new roads in the Phoenix area over, or parallel to, existing roads, and not connecting these with the road network properly. This is not helpful - it will damage routing applications which now cannot find a route from one of "your" roads to elsewhere. The magenta lines on this map show the extent of the problem:

I am writing you this message which blocks your account and only allows you to continue editing after you have read it because other mappers have already tried to alert you of the problem but you have continued your practice, which lets me believe that you may not be receiving messages sent through the normal channels.

Please learn how to make correct contributions to OpenStreetMap before you continue. There's a wealth of material out there, some of which was pointed to in your welcome email, or you can meet up with other mappers in your area who will be more than happy to get you going in the right direction.

Please do not continue to draw un-connected roads like you did because we'd have to remove all of that again, and the whole thing would be a waste of time for you and us.

Best wishes Frederik Ramm aka woodpeck for the OSMF Data Working Group