Revoker: woodpeck

Created: over 5 years ago

Status: Ended over 5 years ago.

Reason for block:

Dear users Komяpa and Willi2006,

we notice that you have been involved in something that looks like a starting edit war in Thailand.

Komяpa seems to have:

  1. traced a number of buildings from Bing;
  2. changed a number of highway types e.g. from "track" to "unclassified" in order to "fix" routing bugs;
  3. created streets in order to compensate for OSRM's inability to route across "highway=services" areas.

Willi2006 seems to have been enraged by this incursion into his home turf, and performed a wholsale revert of all edits.

I have reverted Willi2006's revert but this is not intended to be the last word on the issue.

I would ask BOTH parties to stop edit warring and explain yourselves.

About the buildings:

Komяpa, I think everybody may trace buildings from Bing anywhere, and Willi2006 is wrong to ask you for "proof that these buildings really exist" - instead, someone DELETING a building should have proof the these buildings don't exist. However, I think an armchair mapper should also respect the will of the local community and if the local community says "we don't want armchair traced buildings in our area" then please don't do it. Willi2006, do other members of the local community back up your request of "no armchair tracing of buildings", or is it you alone?

About the changes in highway types:

Komяpa, I do not believe that aerial imagery is good enough to distinguish an unclassified road from a highway=track. I think you should not make such changes based on aerial imagery alone, especially if you don't know the area.

About the service areas:

Komяpa, if there are service areas not recognized by OSRM, which therefore lead to "islands", then maybe OSRM is in need of fixing. I am currently unsure whether it is usual to have actual service lanes across areas tagged highway=services; in any case this is something that the local community should decide.

About the reverts:

Willi2006, what you did was not ok; you completely reverted lots of edits into which others have invested quite some time. Thailand is not yours alone. Have you conferred with other members of the local community or at least others who frequently edit in Thailand? The JOSM reverter plugin should not be used on a large scale like you did without discussing the issue in a larger group first. I am also very unhappy that you used a misleading changeset tag on all your reverts.

I am copying this message to Russ and Stefan who both seem to have made prior edits in the area as well. I would be happy if you could find an amicable solution to this. As I said, Komяpa, I believe that nobody should be "nannying" an area but still someone who lives there trumps those who armchair-map from Bing; I know you made your edits with the best intentions but if the people on the ground don't want your help then maybe it would be ok to just help elsewhere.

Bye Frederik Ramm aka woodpeck for the OSMF data working group.