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closed 759444 rabeakheshef

adnan (OSM data version: 2016-09-19T14:38:03Z) #mapsme

4 days ago 3 days ago
closed 751092 yuka ando

ユーロライン (OSM data version: 2016-09-19T14:38:03Z) #mapsme

11 days ago 5 days ago
closed 721798 brosofdecay

Requim pour Piano (OSM data version: 2016-08-22T09:03:02Z) #mapsme

about 1 month ago 17 days ago
closed 742643 Игорь Каплан

Джозеф (OSM data version: 2016-06-20T05:57:02Z) #mapsme

19 days ago 18 days ago
closed 726838 Jonatan Snyders

Social Impact through technology (OSM data version: 2016-07-15T17:38:02Z) #mapsme

about 1 month ago 29 days ago
closed 425635 Mateusz Konieczny - is it real proposal? If not - it should be deleted.

If it exists - proposed=yes should be gone.

If it seriously proposed - please use rather highway=proposed, proposed=footway

about 1 year ago about 2 months ago
closed 707438 petur

several modern guesthouses in partitioned old stable, book via website (OSM data version: 2016-08-22T09:03:02Z) #mapsme

about 2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 656199

Grote bedrijfsgebouw

3 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 695653

Geblokkeerde straat:

Deze fout werd verzonden via de Navmii-gps.

about 2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 618090 vincentvdh

Halte 507399 (OSM data version: 2016-06-20T05:57:02Z) #mapsme

4 months ago about 2 months ago

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