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Possibly importing USGS forest data 8 months ago

If it's boring you to trace, then leave it out of OSM, add what you like to add instead.

Visualizing's Map Views over 1 year ago

Really Impressive work !

About these "cornet tails", what about air traffic lanes ?


Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

What is not completely open-source in OSV?

Bus'n & Tours'n over 1 year ago

Merci Virgile, La dernière fois qu'on s'est dit 'on part en vacance en train et en bus', on a fini par prendre la voiture faute de trouver des bus. Peut-être quil y'en avait vraiment pas, mais j'espère que la prochaine fois on pourra compter sur OSM.

Idea of issue tracker for tagging scheme almost 2 years ago

@Sanderd, I won't quote your last sentence out of context, but even here I feel that such a process would be too normative compared to what we have now.

Idea of issue tracker for tagging scheme almost 2 years ago

You think of github, but it comes with features like pull request and issue closing that may add significant changes to the actual fuzzy tag process.

Idea: trading service for maps almost 2 years ago

Very good idea, let's make cakes!

Support Green Mapping (Classification), Volunteers for Grass&Green Needed over 2 years ago

That being, It's a good subject indeed !

Support Green Mapping (Classification), Volunteers for Grass&Green Needed over 2 years ago

I'm surprised you allow the user to use the Google aerial map to edit the map ! Please remove this layer. Yves

Mapping Streams in Mountain Areas over 2 years ago

Also, on JOSM, you can overlay a relief layer over imagery. Tiles from are transparent, show contours lines and altitude that help to distinguish peak from valley.

About problems with [surface=unpaved; access=destination] roads over 2 years ago

Have you tried a dashed casing ? A straight casing on one side and dashed on the other with line-offset ?

Des français ici over 2 years ago

Il y en a, bien sûr !

GSoC'15 Project update over 2 years ago

Malicious or erroneous. The good work described here can help welcome more moderators.

Just for fun but a waste of time about 3 years ago

Not sure if 'making assumptions' in a remote area is a good idea. In such places, OSM is often the only electronic map available. You could spend your time mapping the other hamlets in the neighborhood, and your time won't be wasted ;-) Nice work by the way. Yves

Android OSM apps over 3 years ago

Richard, Osmand is not on iPhone :-P

My one problem with OpenStreetMap over 3 years ago

Humm .. 'Reform the development team '. I hope the devs out there that are doing work around OSM spend a nice week-end.

The 'developement team' is a community, as is the community of mappers. There is no such thing as a big entity that can 'reform' this. Most of the work done on openstreetmap website is done on a volunteer basis, in a few cases supported by a company. However it's mainly a do-ocracy. And there is far more to openstreetmap than !

I find it nice that Openstreetmap is first and foremost the database, and that there is plenty of space for all kind of actors to build on it.

That being said, here are two places where you can offer help:

@osmthis: good idea. Now in practise. over 3 years ago

I think this particular user uses @osmthis as a personal notepad, not necessarily expecting others to fix a bug in the map. He will certainly come back later to properly map from his photos and memory.

OpenStreetBugs Phase out: Done over 3 years ago

That's a fantastic job, Werner. Phasing out an old tool instead of just letting the dust piling up is of course the good thing to do, but very few people have the courage to do so. Many thanks

JOSM 6950 released ! over 3 years ago

I'm afraid I got stuck on the splash screen and add to install jdk7 on Ubuntu with this release.

OSM so versatile. E.g. ski XC pistes are welcome over 4 years ago

Have a look at All kind of ski pistes are there, and crosscountry routes too colored to their marking color, along with routing, elevation profile, piste search by name ... The map is updated every day. Yves webmaster at