Panamericana, missing maps and desaster relief

Posted by yalla on 15 June 2017 in English (English)

A friend of mine plans a big thing: Driving the whole Panamericana from Alaska all the way to Tierra del Fuego. While talking to him and his family it turned out that maps are a big issue and while casually checking out the route I realized there's much improvement needed.

I don't have a real plan yet, but while checking against several USGS and NASA WMS-services I also realized that the Panamericana crosses several zones prone to natural hazards, e.g.: * Landslides * Volcanic hazards * Earthquakes

Bringing all the data together in QGIS I was shocked that so many people are living there, villages are completely uncharted, no interconnecting roads available, it's truly terrifying.

Just look at these examples; I checked an area in Guatemala north of the volcano Tajumulco; the status of this volcano is unclear, but nevertheless, there's a clear landslide hazard: Bing Aerial Bing Aerial (click for fullscreen)

Bing Aerial with OSM Layer Bing Aerial with OSM Layer (click for fullscreen)

Same as above, but with Landslide Hazard Assesment Same as above, but with Landslide Hazard Assesment (click for fullscreen)

Something needs to be done and I just gave it a go.

Sidenote: Since the satellite imagery is just in a very sorry state for some regions, I'm currently messing around with Sentinel imagery.

(Edit: Just figured out that Google doesn't allow deep embedding of images anymore. So I had to fix my SELinux permissions on my webserver first... problems, problems - everywhere!)

Location: High Way, Tajumulco, San Marcos, Guatemala

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